Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Freedom in each of us

I am over burned with these words of suppression, which bind you to your state of apathy. Come now, haven't you ever tasted it? Freedom, without boundaries, which extends; spills over to everything. Freedom is within each of us. Lets partake of our true selves. Where and how did we come to be like this, listening to others and their concern for power and greed more than we could listen to ourselves. Bowing down to the nation of autocracy, of beuracracy, of lies and hatred. What apathy we have drawn into our souls, not to be hurt, moved by the dispair of the children on the streets. Of the disease within our minds. How did we land up to be like this in the first place.

I am not morbid, just fed up. There is a thin line between rational and insanity, and all of us havent even bothered to look for that line. We just crossed over to the stupidly insane. Without even a single glance of what we left behind, our true selves. Atma

Just a sign, is sometimes required to turn our life around, an event , a moment, an emotion, a glance and we are made. Saved from a life of apathy. Where we roam around without knowledge of our higher existence. Lets be saved. Lets create a world which will honor love and truth. Truth for life. Hunger and thirst for the greater permanent life. Not a state of despair, and loneliness, of dishonor and pettiness. Can we do it? or more importantly can You do it. Do believe me when i tell you this..
Freedom is in each of us.

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