Friday, August 7, 2009

Hymn to Tara Ma

How have you let this pass mother?
that you remain passive to plight.
Your forests fell, and your honour sold
by these demons in disguise called men.

Hour is now ripe to bring the cleaver down
Jai Tara! stand on namaciva laying supine.
Think of this fool as you decapitate.
Liberate with one swift blow~

Your image horrifies no end, and many who cant see truth in your eyes
Forgive them as you do me, for I see not your wonderful glory.
Mother, to ask is a childs duty. I ask grace from your feet.
Grace to dissolve everything in thee, grace to let it all be.

Take my nights in your rapture, fill them with your light.
You ascend further in the columns and lead everything else to blight.
Soul stirred and breathless, I roam the smashan of human plight.
Looking only for my mother, where is she where is she, i cry

Somewhere in this endless jungle, this wasteland of everything.
Is that place where ma tara, looks on in love and awe for everything she is ready to devour
Consuming the entire worlds with her lolling tongue,
She laughs that madness unsung.

Jai Tara~ I shout and praise with my heart
I curse and laugh and praise thy feet.
You art the third eye of lord namaciva.
Consciousness endowed with grace supreme.
Compassion; redemption thy gift.
Lead me from darkness unto ever eternal light.


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