Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dark Wave

It is clear now that I have partaken of what is to be my mental wreck. There is midnight looming near, and the effects are quite clear. Walking on the shores of lunacy; beckoning me to join in twist and rave. I have been moving quite lucid. Sitting driving on this bike, with endless soul on the periphery looking for that elusive party. The moon stark, showing the way. We hear the beats. its unmistakable you see; once you are smitten... you have to run, run rabbit run. digging that hole, forgetting the sun. words of floyd deep embraced in my head. The madness and the night and the darker beat of the universe brings all the psychedelics out of their realms, to partake of the soma. Soma which draws out in this full night, this never ending night, this night of no sorrow. this night which enlivens/enlightens. We park near the edges of the mountain looking down to the endless waves, the rave has way past the sanity's crescendo. Its time for weird lights and kinky bright shimmering nirvana. The beat is louder, the earth is quaking, you have been to such a state? there is silence, but there is the beat of a thousand thunders from the epi center, unmistakably mad. Dark wave has shown me to this dance floor, made of mud and sand, overlooking eons of years of history of this earth. The moon in full bloom has lit up the entire place. There are dreadlocks and fancy lights on the bodies of creatures all around, i roam around with a purpose, looking for that particular drop. Dropping down and then high. Want another tingle, someone is trying to please my senses, but I am in no mood. It is tandava all around. The night is about the darkness, the dark musix. That is not relief, but which moves in spirals above faster and faster, either you have to dance, or you have to die. it is as simple as that. We all like to lose it once in a while, but in bamboo forest it is forever, the place absorbs your soul and never lets it breathe out again. I go next to the speakers, huge and towering. they spread out the colosseum with their base and blast the next generation of madness that this universe is spawning. There is no respite, the djs take pills to play for seven days, and the torsion just increases with every passing second. Many aayas sitting now, playin with the beats and making money with tea and biscuits, the ground is vibrating and to me, who comes back to sit after half the night is over, the ground is not horizontal anymore, it is tilting and shifting and murmering. It is beyond belief. Indeed the dark wave has entered its climax. From the beginning there was no doubt about this. I see faces all contorted and without the need for breath , as the jatadharis light up their pipes and enter the mosh pit for that special lsd tandav. Expressionless i move with the groove, I spend my energy in revitizing my soul. The night and its horror. The beauty and the beat. The love and the dance. All of it Mixed in with the dj console. Take another drop. Forget it. This wasn't part of the plan Bam Bol Bhandari Kailas~natha GauriPati Jatadhari Bhairon Booom Shankaar~

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