Friday, August 7, 2009

Stopping the World

something from long time back... (found it in my notes)

For a long time this sentence rang in my head without having a visible impact on what it means to the I. perhaps nothing. The sentence came from a book. Way many books which I read.
This is the method for the perfect and silent escape. To escape from here without touching the world. Touching it lightly so none can smell your presence . The head kept high towards your home.
You shall surely stop.
The world.
The light and night make up the world in its motion. But not for the hunter, the kill is always there. Not dependent on this or the next world.
Shine and flow in this world within the frames and between them. Not realizing why you are here you will spend time in servitude.
Seek freedom and then with effort you shall realize that you are the reason that the effort has failed. That you are the demise of your freedom.
Hum the single word that is the ever bliss. The venerable which lies in the closet which is our heart.
Set it free in wilderness and solitude. It shall show the path. That you are the key to the misery. To the slavery and the bondage.
And then as you dance to the trance. The mindless will call you in various planes. Don’t be deceived. The silence is not as it seems. It holds many dark powers. Powers which are not for you. For they ensure your bondage. Do you still want bondage?
So dance free, the snake which you are wants to dance. Cant you see? Its eyes are closed. Its fangs open in veneration to the sky. That is where you belong. To the sky o great one. That is where we have to return to.
Sun is out and you want to go back home. But the sounds of the trance are still in your head. And the wolves are howling yet. Not concerned with the sunshine above. Darkness is within and without in this dense forest which is our home.
The path taken back to the talkative and the mundane is very fierce. Full of thorns and fiercer yet heat. Why do you want to walk back to what is not pleasant? Do you not realize there are many there already who want to appease themselves with the city of the mundane. The food and the wine and the sleep and the sex and the intoxication and the forgetfulness.
Yes the forgetfulness. It is all around in the city of the mundane. Suffocates the spirit until it yields and forgets itself . it forgets to fly and to be.
It forgets to walk and to be in compassion.
So why are you interested venerable snake? What holds so much interest in the city of the mundane? The sense pleasures are for the lucky who make the choice in those fields. You are not so gifted to use them so well. It is for you to be lame and blind and dumb and deaf to the world. Not literally snake. For that is sheer stupidity. You have to be such so the world is stopped. And I would think that you do realize that, that is the path and the goal for you oh master of Dance.
The dance is very important o foolish pig. It shall set enlightenment upon your soul. It shall make you a creature of betterment in this forsaken time. It shall make you like the master «i√Â.
The path of the Tao is such. It takes you on the wild side. It makes you more of the animal which you are. The spiritual animal mind you. Some are tigers and lions . some are snakes and wolves. Some are spiders and some are elephants. There are many who are not animals. They are plants. Or trees. They are wiser than most of the other hunters.
For aren’t plants the source of silent compassion on this world?
Multitudes of butterflies on my head. Of all colors and sizes. With an active energy. Full of life. I am lying on grass. In the Himalayan range. My head is not present. I am not burdened anymore. Peace is in the mountain air. The sky isn’t clear. Just the way I like it. I want it to rain its heart out. The wind starts up furiously. To swipe my soul away. Once more perhaps. Life is no more than this dream to me. Sometimes frightened by the possibility of death, mostly seeking that wave. That wind which will set me free.
Freedom is important, is it not? Seeking it can be tiresome. But I will tell you the key for gaining it. Its not in the process of seeking . its rather in the art of removing the seeking. It is about the content ness which happens from inside you and I which shall deliver us freedom. Freedom is never present in the crowd . it is only tasted and savored in the sense of alone ness. Can you grasp that. You want freedom young child? Then you shall seek it and find it alone. And then gift it to the ‘others’.

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