Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Godless endeavor

Thats what all of us have embarked upon. Haven't we?
Ought to ask yourself that once in a while. What so god-full in the actions that we are performing, day to day and moment to moment. Look around you for sacred divinity, many of you could only point at your decaying body as its symbol.
I ask, beseech, implore you to look further, than your crumbling age. We are living (if you didnt realize this by now) at the end of times. Dissolution is upon us. The age of rot and decay are here to stay and everything contributing to that will have to perish/decay.
So where is god? where is the divine? is it that green/yellow note in your pocket. does it buy you redemption.
If it doesn't and i bet most of you would say no it could never, then why this incessant need to run after it. Money and material gifts, something for more for oneself and never for more.
See this is the basic contradiction, and there are oh so many of them here and now, yet we never want to think or act about them. We would rather write(like myself eh), debate,discuss and sit on our arses than ever bring about a moment in this time filled arena of sheer bliss.
Its difficult what i say, to be put in words, for words are rather late in evolution of bliss. Bliss is evolving, ever continuously i say, yet words are not apt to capture something which seeks to liberate and not bind.
Your godless endavor is this life, you were born into it, you mix and match till you get your blend of ridicule and then term it as a success, life well lived, morals and love and what not. The reality of the matter/energy is that we dont know what life is till we accept godliness in ourselves.
So how goes that? You would act without thinking, on instincts, modifying those instincts which are base, and elevating the elevated ones. You are love, and the consequences of no death. You know no fear or greed for there is only one here and now. One true global consciousness. Interacting within itself and liberating only itself.
There is no covert motive here, like how we are all used to thinking, there is no benefit of practicing such, you wont be in a better position suddenly, but please think of that only in the short run, in the long run all the benefits are yours, everything under the sun is a matter of your thoughts and their intensity, when you have discipline and intent, patience and perseverance anything-one is under your whim. But these are figurative measures, something concrete like nirvana is left only to you. Do you wish or choose it, a freedom which surpasses every single emotion/energy of this plane. Do you choose to be it, to experience it and transcend it ?


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