Thursday, August 27, 2009


When the ram pulls up its horns, comes at you. Your fears disappear. You are ready, you are made.
Manipura is the center of fire. Etheric center I mean to say. The color of this plane is red. Blood red. Passion stems from here. Its supposedly located at the navel, or a bit above it. The sacred chants call out to the base mantra as Rum. which is said with power. this is verily the power center. Here everything is blurred out except for passion or power. There is a famous saying, either man is made to be a bhogi or a yogi, he cannot be both. this is because of the true nature of this plane. The location of this etheric center is over the stomach and for a normal average joe it becomes the fire of food, or consumption. Have you ever gotten drunk and then really hungry, or stoned or such and you just cannot get enough of food, this is manipura in full force. the energy engages to make you consume. For a yogi with the advent of different psych states, the manipura becomes activated and it nullifies the need for food or water or energy from external sources. Manipura is the fire center and its the top most of the three base etheric centers when the awakening (kundlini rising ) takes place. After this the nodes become different in nature. Till here, the tendency to ruin the power of the center with latent tendencies of mundane are present. After this, the kundalini cannot be stoppped.
When we worship the god of truth, rama, the mula mantra being said is Rum. with power. This is the energy of this plane. We are worshipping the three headed god of fire, agni. There are many many mystics who arise to this plane, and are wrapped up by the sheer magnetic nature of this plane. I myself am one of these, not a mystic but definitely a magnet ;)
There are many tendencies which are exhibited by people with energy flows in the manipura, the absent tendency towards food. Tobacco and psychedelics to a large extent affect this region to nullify the bhogi tendencies, The yantra is downward triangle, with ten petals as the lotus of this region.. These are symbologies, the true nature of these chakras are the nadi or sounds which are present to invoke the relevant states.
Each chakra represents a gland in the physical body. The activation of the gland to release the relevant hormone to an extent which induces these hallucinatory conditions is the western mans and to a large extent a rational mans explanation of these etheric states. But that actually might be indicative of reality. The sound or nadi pronounciation yields excess or the right quantity of hormone to be released (in this case) from the endocrine gland located in pancreas. This leads to the energy being pulled-alligned to the manipura state. The red zone as I prefer to visualize.
This in western occult is referred to as the solar plexus by many, it leads to greater enhanced intuition towards power and intent of being. The feelings of true real physical power of the etheric sense can be immensely felt in this plane.
The down fall as i see it is, that when the energy is roused or raised to this state, any mistake is almost fatal, we are dealing with true power. The mistake is deadly, if there is movement away from the manipura condition, the pancreas, will fail and death is not pleasurable. But this is the case for the energy manifestation in any of the seven chakras to some extent.
manipura still remains a fascination for me ( i cannot remember why though-perhaps a past/future life phenomena)


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