Friday, August 7, 2009

Self Respect

I have given due importance to this before admitting it, our country India, suffers from paradoxes beyond belief.
One the one hand, we choose to discuss brahaman, spirit entity and one ness with the presence of diversity in all respects
and on the other hand we are divided beyond belief with these baseless beliefs of caste and creed. gender discrimination and religion, all going to destroy our very minds.
India remains a crumbled man, a shit pot for everything which has ever happened in this world.
In this land, there are most who still believe that caste is more important to life and the way of life to be maintained than anything grander.
There are those who believe that respect from 'samaj', from society precedes everything else, if one has been brought down in the eyes of another, then that is it! how the fuck do people like this exist? People I know will be able to kill and die for respect; of such sort. Who the fuck needs such pathetic sympathy respect and support of such a society? a society of lies, ignorance and apathy.
For people i know, this samaj and respect of such sort is the very base existence need. A motivation for life. Losing their fucking non existent self respect in the process.
I am not talking about villagers illiterate in ways of life, I am talking of people like you (presuming that you are a brown skinned tanned brain fucked jaundice ridden malaria infected diarrhea infested indian) who still think that to do something against the prevalent norms written(where the fuck have they been written) is the only way to be.
Boys are more wanted than women? why; for India remains one of those backward places where marriages are still arranged, where the bride and groom have no say in the process and the parents decide eventually who their kids would be penetrating in the night. Women are more of a burden in this respect, for they have to be sent away from home, they wont ever do anything productive for the house and of course not for the 'samaj' and hence least valued. Their one and only use is to produce more offspring's to litter this already crowded space. Where is the self respect? I am not talking about some island, i am talking about the mainland where more than a billion assholes congregate every waking hour to make this fucking stupidity a reality.
Freedom and choice are things of the unknown, India remains the only backward place where we try to boast of it, yet remain perpetually in ignorance of these states.
What is freedom? It is a consequence of self respect and vice versa, a man who cannot produce respect for the self, cannot in a million life times experience freedom and its joys.
Where does this insane logic of respect due to others giving it come? What if one day another person doesn't give you respect? will you kill for it? will you devise the world in such a manner that you could climb up tyranny and sucseed in getting your respect in 'samaj'
I have lived amidst animals so base, that it makes me vomit in disgust at times, I have cultivated enough patience and indifference to look the other way, but i need something now, a sense to actually destroy all this insanity in the name of 'samaj' and respect which i see.
The new age if there is to be one, cannot survive on these pathetic baseless values. People who have stopped being people must die. The world cannot hold on to useless baggage. It cannot value something of no value,
When life itself has no intrinsic gift to give to nature, then nature shall dissolve it back into nothing.
I wish the same for all the people in india who choose to be ignorant rather than wise. Base rather than elevated. Diminished instead of grand.

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