Monday, June 25, 2018

Hollow Gram

The past 20 years have been revolutionary in the way we look and pay attention to the world. As we are all aware, attention is what its all about. The companies vie for it, we need it and hate to spend it trivially. Attention is a combination of time and intensity of our focus. It creates intention and sets course to what we are doing moment to moment and in the longer run in our short spanned lives.

All through till date, our attention was drawn on either the inner landscape of our psyche or the external maps of objects and sentient life forms. Something changed recently in this paradigm, there was creation of another world. A Virtual Hollow world - something which proposed itself to be more real than even real world yet remained virtual (and unfortunately remains without any imagination)

There are now apps on apps, programs and sites, games and interactive forums where we are drawn to more than the real world (Yes am aware of the blogging forums as well!) which consume our lives upside down. We are ready to forego real world attention to this more interactive, moment to moment excitement which this new world draws us into.

So basically our world has been shrunk (or expanded - depends on what you call your world). For me the real illusion of the external world has its own charm and its what I try to call the "real". This has shrunk horribly. We are now not investing in what is around us or what is inside us, but horribly excited as little children in spending time and attention on web forums. This is the making of our mind.

The mind is hollow, it takes everything real and makes it into an illusion. The external world is an illusion. Now the mind wraps itself further into itself and makes another world to keep it consumed and confused. The hologram has created its own mirror image - which means the mind which is hollow has created its own hologram to keep it engaged.

The hollow gram has taken over, now everyone is busy with doing nothing (and not with finding a way out). We are obsessed with finding our identity / changing it / deleting/ re framing it to whatever the mind desires. The virtual world where we find new connections, information, spend time to relax and avenues to waste time is making us get convoluted all the more. This is the center of our future ignorance and suffering. (Maybe our emancipation in the future will be to de-plug and live off the grid unlike the millennial old belief that emancipation was freedom from body and thoughts!)

We are on the verge of losing our minds (if we have not lost it already) and handing it over to suffering created from our own hands.
We need to be cognizant that the virtual world we have created to share and come together, will in turn alienate ourselves from each other and ultimately lead us to the path of suffering alone.

Peace and Joy

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