Friday, March 8, 2013


A drop that I am, falling into the ocean. Drifting deeper into the unknown.
A part of the blessed whole, heart overfull and some more.
Inside the ocean flowing from my very own eyes.

World has come to the last day; and when am I going to drown in the divine nectar of lord of the heart.
Sitting on kusa grass, looking at the northern sky. With the lion and deer in the background; and the yellow green fire of universe burning bright in the foreground.

There is no confusion; There is never any bliss as There is never any remorse. The beauty of life is that its beyond the impermanent Sorrow and momentary joys.
The projection of the nihil self is now complete. God created and slavery unjust for the meek. I remain at your blessed feet; consciousness marrying itself to experience the innocence of itself in perfect amnesia.
How We have searched each drop of every ocean - for the one who can reclaim oneself as the chosen one, who can develop humanity's intense need to dissolve its false individual identity.

One cannot be left alone and not fall stark raving mad, One cannot be the Atman and be in the body; these lies have ruined humanity and of course me. You and I are the kissed, in the milky ocean of this universe by Shiva the lord savior of destroying false identity.

Feeding your love into relentless molded universe. Sitting and looking blankly at the sky, showered his kindred love for the lovers sitting praying for his trident sign.

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