Friday, May 24, 2013

Three Wiser Men

The three wiser men await the birth of a new child. 

I land up on the beaches of west coast; the sands are blowing hot and cold; moist and bold - I take a first whiff and remember my body and soul together. 
Take a seat and look at the beautiful ocean, calling with her clear calm gentle whistling soul stirring song. Never ending waves break on to the coast. The scenery of revelry has finally unmasked in my being. What I was to be; never ending water called forth by the beautiful moon. 

My dear friend and I unpack and let the formalities be, we meet our dear friend from another land and engage in beautiful convoluted conversations. We make the best of our time, we know that it will never come back. A realization so simple so easily forgotten otherwise. 

My vacation has taken grip in my mind; not that I ever mind it doing that any how. I freshen up and take a shower and we rent a vehicle to go meet our wiser guides. They have been somehow I suspect, waiting for acting hosts (unwilling or not). They havs,e been seeking our calling to fulfill. 

We ride in the blazing may heat of India, towards their home. Tucked in the rural setting, without a shadow of doubt the center of a firestorm, yet so simply decorated. We land up at their doors, uninvited and without anyone to welcome us in. 
A storm is on the loose - or so it seems; the sun is covered behind the clouds though its not less hotter, the colors have changed, the sky and mood has become one of inevitable surprise. 

Our friend Saada walks in, I can see him with a night light in his hands, he opens the door to his pretty home; colored every wall with different mellow colors, he leads us in and so graciously offers us water and rest. My two friends and I have found our oasis. Saada is japanese and a host at heart. He may not be in a mood to entertain but human heart is so clear. There is no doubt of the wisdom of its love. We sit and entertain ourselves in many ways; and as such saada starts to tell us about a little of what is in his heart tonight (or so many nights). 

We are always proving the nature of the bigger self, the being without par. Saada simply puts it as the god side. He has traveled from Nepal to Goa on bike. He has seen what has to be seen and now he knows the good side and god side of human beings. He tells us about this god side, where one is looking for beauty justice and reward in the name of god. This is his project; his religon and he prophetically calls it PEG project. Proving (perennially) the existence of a god. 
Saada wears a rudraksh around his neck and is dressed to run into wilderness. He is prepared for a warriors battle and he talks about the nature of man kind. 
I like to listen to him and so do my dear brothers. We sit around a round table and look at the scenery change so very often, waiting for saada's brothers to come about; and they do very soon. The project is under way. 

The three wiser men make us at home and invite the matted hair brother who talks less and speaks more. This is a parable of the mind; and soon my friends and I are frying indoors with no ventilation and of course with the power exuding from each one of us. The heat is incredible; we take a practical lesson and go outside towards the ancient waters to prove the existence of saada's theory

It is post evening twilight, and the moon has risen long time now, hid by the omniscient clouds the white light is pouring through the cracks of sky. The light is shining green and golden, fragments pouring inside the eye of mind; there is no way out of here. The sea is ominous. Its noise is subtle yet so power ridden that I fail to understand it completely. My friend and I are both mesmerized. We are sitting and meditating looking out and feeling a bit freer. The project to prove the existence of god is so much in depth that I do not know how describe it. 

We get a couple of beers and finally a long hard winding day comes to a so called halt. I will never forget the beauty of the sky in my life till my life ends. The power of a day and twilight night shown to me by the grace of three wiser men, and a fourth and fifth. These people were shining gods in disguise, they who could see what was not possible to see. 

I am still neck deep in the PEG project; all the time showing myself the beauty of the world and other world. And attributing it to a god or nature, to the unknown and the self. What a waste. Just to observe is enought? experiencing and letting the project taking its course without my active participation would be just fine too. I feel. And my heart over flows. I feel alive just this time. 


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