Thursday, May 9, 2013

How Else Can I Say?


The waters are kind of silent. Maybe the prelude to a mind changing storm. I hug my sanity good bye. Let us float on ancient nile. Dancing wild like heathens and making a night under the stars a final chance.

Everyone is so weary, yet so calm. Around me or my body. Wrapped up tight, the beautiful ravine stares back blank like all of our select eyes.

Shakes violent like the mighty eagle or vulture of our creators/our gods flights into the unknown night might have taken over, maybe like our ancient river is giving (a)way, to the underground race once more. The lightning fast silent warriors of snakes and the like. Those who haunt us from the sky and deep water. Stuck on this planet and the seven planes which exist all together, all at one fucking time. The group is shaking in silent vibration.

The night is vast. Stalking my shadow and I. A mockery and foolish attempt to describe something worthwhile. How my mind and my well of a heart cry.

Make it worth your while. Listening; the ravine blows over and the river tides. I am broken; and my lovers who sit silent with me are as well dismayed. The birth of change never changes? ( Our hearts have given way, in the love of all such things)

The possibility of embracing sanity and insanity gives away and the earth trembles open. The core is present alive, and yes the ones underground have taken our place. This is the natural evolution of things and experiences that is said, The earth a model unit of the experience of life in this age/yuga. Snakes and the vast alien dimensions ripping over our carcasses, our energy devoured by the meagre sustaining and replenishing universe.

I salute to the sun and bow down to the earth, giving away my external instances. It is after all about being genuine in the scheme of things. Whatever makes you shine and glow. My entire group feels the same way as we watch the dark night come alive maybe forever in our heads and hearts. We all climb tall to the stance, giving away all attachments; feeling our hearts pound as one. I have felt this way once before.

When was the last time, it beat. For a non tangible cause. When did it beat last for your self to be over whelmed. I do not know for myself. But I verily cry every time I feel the depths and pangs of the infinite heart take over for the beloved. Tara be blessed. Tara be praised. When the divine mother takes everything from us, shall she bless us with everything. Inside the ravine is our minds. Now almost gone, we see every time over like a reset button till we know what is to happen at the advent of our birth. OF course our deaths.

Tango and embrace; break off and part ways. Life is dichotomous with a nasty sense of humour. Welcome the way with a kiss.

Beating bravely, it stands tall, like my dark shaman group and I , all giving away our externals All embraced the internal call of the divine. How else can I say?


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