Thursday, May 9, 2013

<Mind> Having A Mind of Its Own


Succinct intelligence drives forth at the very heart of the beating breathing organism. It is already pre-defined or pre-ordained. Why is time linear in one way ( A Vector?). Why does it seem that the mind has a mind of its own and we are nowhere in the plan.

This intelligence is programmed, to achieve a particular state. Always evolving without a real end, but always a utopia present to drive it forth in evolution every single moment of the day.

We can look at the moment here and now; and how it is the culmination of all the past perfect moments leading your life to that and this and every single momentary revelation. How the same is possible calculated from your death bed – backwards in time’s sphere of linearity (What the fuck?).

So for all those who revel in their imagination – you see yourself at the very moment backwards and forwards in time’s illusory sphere.

My mind does not belong to me, it is developing based on its own necessity, How come the mind has a mind of its own? Where it craves state after state of some form of contentment or imaginary satisfaction. How does the I fit into this plan, holding everything together through mental ropes. How the feeling of the individual ego gets hooked onto the evolutionary miracle of the brain (and its continuous advancement)

You and I cannot fathom the expanse of the universe of our own mind. It pales the external world in comparison. It is grandeur of inner space. It can imagine visualize and create. Worlds and these invisible to describe (yet scientifically entertained) emotions. It can create ecstasy and faith. Hope and acceptance of this causal powerful life and its fate.

Surely the mind has a mind of its own. Without a doubt it smiles to my self and I see that it doesn’t mind. Sharing the inner space with the false dawning of the I. Which surely does not control the needs and wants of the mind. Neither can it be accredited with everything this beautiful organ and life design can in turn create.

The I experience can only be a witness to this wonderful evolution that is the brain. Working and thinking. Creating memories and future backward entireties. Live’s and after Lives – all the beautiful fascinating creation of the mind. It is beyond words (for that too is created from itself). After all the mind is the creator of the feeling and experience of I too is it not?

How then can we keep ourselves or the notion of I-ness as grander than this simple 2 kg organ which creates our existence, makes us witness as it evolves and creates inner/outer scapes for the amusement of its own self.

IS this not the collective mind? The minds of organic beings creating a unified world – which they share in whichever mood or feeling they exist in or wish to see. What a concept of the mind, and the I just witnesses itself and the mind feeds it the deception – of its eternal existence. When it will die over a period of time, the mind deteriorates and it leaves the I crumbling and unsure of its self. This is death, the final union of the mind into the invisible energy taking its course.


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