Sunday, May 12, 2013


I am facing a real dilemma today as of forever to say; I cannot get you off my mind, my heart beats triumphantly (only for you). Lost my ego and my so called narcissistic domain; to see a glimpse of you. Whiff and praise your delight every waking hour. This would be my life's soul work so as to say.

Why are these moments of separation present, when love is forever overflowing in the cup filling blessed nectar.
I cannot look away. For even a single moment spent without attention, might lead your love astray (towards me).

Why muse, you have kept me in such wander? Thirsty and crumbling towards tears of sadness, when you sing, when you speak I mean to say; You fill the chambers of my heart with echoes which last this damned eternity (of leading a life away from togetherness)
Why you speak not and whisper tender any more in my ears, Is it that we are to be separated in this life/s tale? Shall we not find shelter together ? Even in the morose never ending depths of eternity?

Why has our life stayed apart, why does it not meander together as one river of love? Why does it flow towards the abyss in a frantic speed, away from the love that we all are be.
Why should you not look upon me, and curse me for writing these words down and not bleeding it from my heart. For that is the true expression of what happens as now, when you remain apart.

I cannot speak of the memories present in my mind, they sting me like a thousand scorpions; all at one time. What remains shall not be, as of what was could never be what is intended. What is must to be.
Why has love forsaken heart and left the realm all together. There are such truths to be breathed in, through you. Tenderness par excellence, yet all I feel is darkness our mother taking over, not intruding on the malady fast spreading afar.

I look at temples of ruin and brokers in tall towers living fast; I know you are there somewhere in between perhaps; forgetting our time spent in this life. I feel a bit saddened and then follow my routine of blessing whatever is good to be. What that there is; shouldn't have been.

Why does love break apart, for it always almost feels to not conform to the sense which we are. My heart weeps every day and every night for my lover, and this pain which should not have been. It is the existential routine; that whatever is borne; bears misery; borne's life and death and the love lost all too soon and compartmentalizes into a fading memory.

I want out, I cry out; without my beloved Tara  lover of life - there is no use. When there is dismay; who shall evoke to make it out of context if not you; without my beloved all I ask is why to the questions of no use.
Why must there be this self, which lives away in reality or dream away from the lover of life and death. If this life is worth something, this time and pain. I would swear it is for love, not the one's which we have already felt. But the kind which we have blocked out for eternity. Open heart, break it, wander you fools. You have not understood what true love is, unless you verily drown in the love for the muse. (of Namaciva)


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