Saturday, June 18, 2011

Most Beautiful Hill Station Of India: Dalhousie


The British did one fine thing during their rape and plunder of India, they set up some of the most beautiful hill-stations for their convenience and escape during the summer subcontinent fury. Dalhousie was one such place. These hills have always been every beautiful but the British intervention set up amazing roads to such isolated places with adequate amenities to become reclusive yet self contained.

Dalhousie is nearly 600 kms away from the capital Delhi. There is a fairly decent road all the way through and it takes around 12 odd hours to reach by road. There are currently no Volvos running (last I checked) and the best way is to catch a state owned bus, if u can handle that long a journey or arrange your own (as I had done). I stayed over a week in this quaint hill-station and did not visit anything (probably because nothing is there except a distant kala-top or something to that effect/ every hill station has the top most point as a sunset or view point in India).

The thing about Dalhousie is; that its ethereal in its view. The entire landscape is like a small English town, the streets are magnificent; I guess made of stone in a cobbled way (some were) and rest very well maintained tar roads. There was a small central locale and all the roads dimly lit with neon lights post evening. Little nook and corners where there is seating for couples and families to see the beautiful valley below. The best thing is that there are not many tourists here year around cause of the long distance away from metros; plus the place is not very well known and lack of high-end buses makes it difficult to make such a journey with faltu/useless family by the side.

I went to Dalhousie perhaps half a decade back, and been to many other places since yet this place remains ever fresh in my memory. I used to walk through the little town by day and night and the sight of no tourists coupled with fresh mountain air made it so rejuvenating. It is the perfect Rest and Relaxation place for anyone looking to get away from the pressures of traffic and pollution and the rigour of everyday city life.

But for the distance you travel, make sure that you get ample time to spend there. Its extremely serene (unless now more people have discovered its hidden treasure as well), and its one of the brightest honeymoon type places in India. A perfect place for people trying to get away and become attuned to the silence of nature at a perfect altitude. (yea; you will notice your ears will not stop ringing for at least couple of days cause of the silence in this place!)

Peace and Happy Travels

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