Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awakening Equation


Many logicians and rationalists have a considerable problem when it comes to abstract religious/spiritual themes; most consider it easier to dismiss it than making a serious effort to understand or experience religious particulars. Why is this so, to my understanding it is because that all logic and rational stems from a need to equate an unknown to a comparable known. Without equating we cannot understand the phenomenon (rather our mind has a difficult time visualizing it). So when it comes to religious phenomenon/themes; it becomes hard to equate something which is beyond measure or compare. Well still I take a jibe at describing (rather equating) what an ‘awakening’ is or serves.

There is power and only power present, here and now. Power/force/energy/will is the entire matter-energy-existence. Power will try to experience power by itself (through power). Hence a little (not quantative) amount of power tries to gauge the entirety of power (complete) by increasing its power. The awakening is the power needed to remove misunderstanding other path breakers in this particular process. The awakening is realized by power which touches/chooses a person external to the power which the person already has. Carlos castanada calls it the ‘earths boost’/ You can work to store the power yourself to create the power sufficient to cause the natural progression for power to ‘enlarge’ and see more of itself. In entirety.

This is awakening of the human. Before which the entity acts like a closed vessel, trying to induce ‘individuality’ and causing the microcosmic power to shine. When the wise; induce power to expand (life), then this becomes not a quest to seek individuality but totality. The illusory states of one and many drop, for the veil is power and the little power is veiled by itself towards entirety and eternal.

The awakening is the external push, the electric shock or the mantra japa or the mudra or nyasa or the breadth control or the money or tragedy or the goddess grace which makes one ‘realize’ the presence of universal all pervading power. Without dimension form or sense. It is reality and a vision. It cannot be compared or equated for truly there is nothing to compare it with.

(my understanding of ultimate total power; Peace)

A very happy powerful Lunar eclipse 16 June 2011. Peace and Love

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