Monday, June 20, 2011

Dream Force II

This is another very surreal and powerful dream which I had today afternoon; It was completely out of the world and hence I thought it would be kind to jot it down.
The dream starts with My folks and I, in some weird cave or underground structure- we are supposedly looking for some relics or perhaps its some holy power place *its very weird that I get to have someone I know-especially my parents in the dream-most times characters are sketched purely from imagination*.
We are looking around and suddenly I guess, my hands hold a photo/paper of some sort which has loads of bodies piled into the mud-some carcasses could be seen while others are inside. This is supposedly some sort of a holy picture. Suddenly out of the blue (characteristic of dreams)- a girl- in her teens-or perhaps younger is in front of us, the place is extremely dingy and it perhaps is a dungeon only. The girl looks at the photo in my hand and says that is the holy shrine where many such holy people (referring to the carcasses in the photo) are buried... here itself. She continues that there are so many saints/holy people buried here, but they are coming out of the seams, for no one has taken any care to bury them properly. My parents are a bit freaked out, but she continues, she is very powerful I could feel- she has an aura- we find her in this dungeon where there are only dead everywhere- she says that she comes here for the same purpose perhaps which we have come for- she says she enjoys being here- the power and the dispair or something to that effect. She says its almost her second home. She offers then to take us on a ride on the underground train (of some sort) to see the holy bodies. My parents refuse; and I get inside this yellow submarine sort of train- another character joins us- its a little girl- my mind now tells me that she has been there the whole time perhaps- I just did not bring her to attention- so its me, this young cute girl and this powerful teen/pre-teen and the train starts up.
I think that the train will go deeper underground, but it comes to the surface suddenly and now speeds like an am-trak device on regular tracks- there are people on the tracks- who cannot see or hear us coming and they one after other do get too close or come under the tracks (???)... I cannot see this- well none of us three can, and we decide to get off the train at some point and make our way to the entrance of the cave structure- here I meet my folks once again, and the powerful girl makes her way to somewhere and back to say good bye- my parents look at her very suspiciously- as if to ask what is this girl doing in this crypt and how does she know so much about it, and well I look at her and she winks at me and I wink at her and tell her through my eyes, see you here in the crypt as soon as possible lol!
Pretty weird indeed and I am not even trying any combinations of rational possibilities to this dream. Most of my afternoon dreaming is like this, and as surreal and intense as this- due to which I really don't figure out that its a dream (unlike my night dreams) cause i am so mesmerized and involved in the whole tapestry of my mind (I hope its my mind).

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