Monday, August 8, 2011


cataclysm arrives on the door. It knocks once and not once more. You are invited to open and show it around. If you wish to; offer a drink to it, then brace for some salsa with your uninvited guest. Your nemesis and your anti thesis.

I look around in amazement as you lie on the floor; you were going to amuse me, and you ended up rolling up dead. What a series of events; all so random and sly, take place with the assistance of the fogged up memory. It looks like I could have averted your sight all together, but then hindsight could be all perfect.

Psychotic and rampant, you jumped off the cliff. Your fell to your salvation and left me bleeding instead. Why such rage in your heart towards your own life. Did you think that by showing me the meaning of your carelessness, you would be saved? You were indeed saved; you died as I was left grieving forever.

I danced with you once, and I shall never dance with you again. You have taught me the tough lesson; that is imprinted and hardcoded in my head. There is no sunshine when you were here, and now that you are gone. The darkness you left is indeed deafening and split.

All ye who think that you will live forever, please don’t be deluded like my dear friend, He is indeed catastrophic, not to its own self but to everyone around. Whoever comes in contact with you is left a step near death yet never tasting its sweetness. What a waste, what a bloody mess indeed.

We take you to be a kind soul, a wise woman and a dear friend. In our ignorance you enter and make your nest within our recesses. Taking us for a deadly ride. You jump off and leave us to fend for our own selves. You are to be shunned in our minds and our hearts. There is no room for the devils darkness in us. Leave us to be in peace. Leave us to be in peace. Leave us to be in peace.

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