Monday, August 8, 2011



Met her for a single night; filled with ball room dancing and dreamtime kissing. Fell in love with her every time, in innocuous innocence though she remained a lifetime ahead. Murdered her and it was not a crime; for fatal beauty is better dead than lived.

Sands of Nairobi blew over my wrecked face; as I could see the millions whisper about their lost race. In truth; destiny had forsaken us all to this lonely desolate space. Their was never a salvation at hand, and the black faces with their haunting eyes could never fathom the depth of the fatal flaw they had undertook. Never fathom that death was always at hand.

specific time and an unknown place. The axe brought down with force and blood spurted like eternal splendour on another's face. The singer grimaced and a hoarse cry escaped his gullet. The king was not impressed and ordered every soul to purify his neck. The swift blows caressed the flawed followers one last time. Fatal and forever.

Your fatal flaw was to witness the birth of your end. Your fatal flaw was to read over the texts which have not brought you any respite from your whirlpool life. Your fatal flaw was to associate with the neurotic and psychotic existence and everyone in it.

So you kissed your muse and she bit you like a rabid whore. You sank your mouth into this wonderful life and came out with syphilis for a cure. Your body cannot redeem itself, It cannot even afford the space required to bury it. You built castles in thin air and print more paper to call it your life complete. You procreate and fall in love as an excuse for the fatal flaw of the gods. The fatal flaw that is your own.


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