Saturday, October 9, 2010

Insights into a Better Life

For a long and wholesome life, somethings must be kept in balance within and outside of our bodies. Some kind of relief brought along with our rigid and stress ridden lives..
We can take insights from our lineage of ancestors who have tried learning the secrets to eternal youth and vigor. Some things which I consider worth while are:
1. Breathing is key to natural wholesome life, our breaths going right inside to every pour and seeping our selves with energy. The entire body and mind gets uplifted with the in breathe and gets energy filled with the out breathe.
2. Walking is key to memory; taking steps at regular intervals and keeping a balance between speed, intention and enjoying the process of walking. Taking long breadths and walking slowly and intent fully is key to a complete life.
3. You cannot escape what is coming for you; you are the decider of your fate and you have already chosen it; over and over. You want to quit choosing then develop dispassion, and leave things to themselves. No energy poured into creating your future, You remain always in the present
4. Must keep your body active, your mind refreshed and your spirit renewed. I wont describe the explanation, for these things can be understood by everyone at their level.
5. Honor and revere your parents and your teachers, These are thankless roles and what they do can sometimes be never be done by anyone else; They mould you an can teach you more than you or I could imagine.
6. Spend time creating abstract dreams and then apply your will to implement them in real life, its a tough deal but its the easiest we get in our life. Life is a beautiful plan by the creator, the force of reckoning. And now its up to us; to create what we may, to glorify and exude the sense of realism, the sense of eternal timeless life!
7. Know thyself. Its the only thing which has or will matter, IT is the concern of the hour, embarking on the journey of self discovery; all mental masks torn and facade revealed. The weakness is now converted to a source of inner strength, the will becoming strong molded from the sense of I within all of us.
8. This is not a moral issue, but remain truthful to yourself, your friends and close ones. Effects of these would be the improvement of positivity and removal of all sources of depression. You will become a saint and your words will become nectarous truth to all of us who share this common blanket of reality.
9. Reset die and restart, the process is never ending and only intermittently broken by a source called 'death' or rebirth. Remove the jargon, feel the pulse of the energy pouring within everywhere. This is you. This is me.
10. Listen to music, different forms of melody just reflecting like how this life ought to be.

Peace and Love.
Happy Winter Navratri~2010

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