Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The true state of things are such, the great ordeal that we as a kind face or have always faced is to view reality or our perception of reality (or real state of affairs of this world or us or we or I or the entire universe) from only one viewpoint-or one and only one single interpretation of reality).

From time immemorial people around us have witnessed, seen, experienced and understood of underlying subtle psychic phenomenas ranging from alien encounters to out of body experiences (NDE), from undying eternal divine love to spontaneous combustion... and there are oh so so so many. We do not live in a singular predictable environment let alone a single continuous stable reality.
Now the point what I considered is, I conform over and over to this one single interpretation of reality (the world as we see, hear and know it as from birth); I conform even when I do not want to. The organism called arvind has only understood of one reality. He has not been able to understand or experience any other.
This in any intelligent evolved dictionary would mean to being plain simple apathetic towards life or plain boring (thats what I see our great challenge as a race of creative willed people- how to work for a life or create one which incorporates not just one way to live but many ways to live, so that we wont get bored with life so early lolz).
I am sorry to say, that all of you like me are also the same, I wouldn't for the world want that in all truth, I really want to be inspired; elated with such people around me who can make me soar in the skies with their interpretations of this/// *these* glorious realities abound... people with acceptance and understanding of the many aspects or dimensions to this life we all possess; yet do nothing to create value for)
Why has humanity become so lax; its such a magnanimous opportunity (equivalent to non existence!) to live life. Life is numerous and more numerous than our imagination (There is more to heaven and earth; then is dreamt of in our philosophy ~ so true) could ever fathom; and look at all of us; instead of nurturing and growing that imagination, inspiring and elating each other, we embrace a drone reality... made of sure shot certainties ;  our life time slowly and surely getting filled with routines which have no use for us, for we surely never even learn from even a routine (its wisdom or futility)
I see it sometimes as apathetic within myself; that I let myself get bogged down, bullied into conformity or submitting my free will and time for useless activities, or activities from which I dont learn (its a problem; from both the subject and the perceivers viewpoint. Major conundrum~)
Well there is only certain times I like to brew on this existing reality which I live day in and out; and when I view it with clear sober (not rose tinted) eyes, I see that its as apathetic towards the cause of life itself as it can get!!

What to do, I shift the blame on the rest of us (like we all do), I blame the apathetic situation of others as compared to the same which I let blossom in my own heart. I refuse to take heed, I refuse to open up, let it all be and let it all be at ease; to let go of the fascination of a single stable reality. Perhaps it shall go on, and then one day the experience of death would free me (us). Or maybe, just maybe I choose to clear the dust from my eyes, look around one last (first) time before I change it all.

I have seen that what you and I perceive or even experience is to say the least, vast; its an entire rainbow of everything life is. Its sad, that at times (and I mean all of us here) we cant hold on to life, enjoy even this one single perception of reality we choose to hold on to. If we are really such senile unhappy creatures; why bother to be here.
So Lets let go, Lets stop brooding one single way of life; for others to conform to you, or you to conform to others. There is no right wrong; good bad; Life or death. Its the widest range of parallel overlapping dimensions, worlds, states, realities, experiences, breaths, Oh holy light! we can ever have. We have all that we dream of; and more.... and more.... So let's all Let go.

Peace and Love and Ananda!!

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iPara la vida! said...

lets go... let go! nice..

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