Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trace of the Free.......

At an equal pedestal; the enemy and the self confrontation to satisfy; One over the other.
Lockhead; matched and poised, the darkness and light; enveloping the throne; who is the one to get higher?
Sweat trickles down; There is no respite, the arena floodlit, capital punishment for failure tonight. The armed and the wary; go head to head in an endless dual, threat to the balance and the welcome of mental demise.

Evening to night, the dual between muscle and spirit; shredding of one's skin, like a venomous cobra renewed to stay alive, It feels kind of funny, the enemy looks straight into the eye; He almost seems to be another version of I. Similar in purpose and safeguarding his interests, just like myself or you for that matter; fighting for supremacy; fighting someone while all we are doing is fighting an exact copy of ourselves in another shell for a body or mind.

There is no change foreseen; There is only greater deeper pit of misery, plotted so that we can fight ourselves and sink into a single grave, a grand delusion pivoted around the egoistic nature we so fight to protect.
This dilemma, such tragic drama, yet arjuna feels the misery twice over; killing kin and killing the same blood; Where is glory or freedom integral to existence present in a battlefield; there is only shed wasted sweat of both man and his blade for eons till now....
Inspite of our best efforts, enemies crop up all through our battle for life, Inspect who you are. Why would you need the battle in the first place, Where is your hidden purpose(lessness) hidden in the grand scheme of life. I bet you are as keen as I, to throw down the weapon, walk away and cremate our former selves,
Shell shocked; and out of focus, You and I fight; for food and shelter; ideas and power, Not looking deep enough to see that we are same, we are one, we are a multiple expression for a singular entity. It seems that true dark ages has finally arrived.

We swarm like locusts, bringing perpetual darkness; Inside hidden corners and untouched realms, bringing and binding the thread of severing every chance of hope of a brighter future, a world which we didn't destroy collectively, a world with that has a chance to survive.
Still at it, locked horns from the world for the piece of pie; to call our own, to leave a legacy; to die an incomplete lived life, wasting our precious gift; The magic wand of time sweeps everything away; Nothing left to hammer in anymore; already ingrained deep within our souls.
Enemy to my life; You are no enemy that could surprise; I know your weakness for it is mine too; I learn and you learn and we both leave our grounds; disillusioned by the world veiled again and again; No trace of truth; No trace of the free...

The saving truth; saves the trouble we all undertake; to live a life trying over and over for your break. It is such drama; a show put up till the day when your heart explodes to liberate you from your self made chains of thoughts and feelings..  the enemy as I lie within the single grave.

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