Monday, August 16, 2010

Centered In I

I Am thoroughly fascinated by what the source or seat of I in human beings is. For you see, that we consider that our body is ourselves, but in reality the source of feeling of I; is not present equally everywhere in our bodies. Our toe or perhaps our ankle has less of such a source of I. Most would argue, the feeling and logical conclusion of I comes from where our thinking originates. The brain; there are some who argue that the pineal gland is responsible for this very persistent thought. I beg to differ, I dont argue that the feeling or thought of I might originate in the gland, but the I itself is present elsewhere. (the feeling of I - in my opinion is actually stimulated in the brain due to the presence of the source located elsewhere)
Every physical body that science studies; is based on the coordinates and assumption of 'center of mass' of such a physical structure. Where is the center of mass of a human body? Though it changes depending upon the placement of the human body; but while standing in a vitruvian position. The center of mass is roughly calculated around the pelvis *its lower in case of men, than women*.

Mystics across generations have been talking about the base of the spine and the seat of consciousness present their in. From the oldest civilizations (Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Indus) to the relatively younger ones (Christianity, Buddhism etc); all have given special importance to the center of the human structure, The spine. The base of the spine is the seat of power. In hindu tantra its called 'kundalini' or 'serpent' power. It is considered the center of oneself. Of the mirage/illusion called I. The same power is elevated from the base upwards across the spine to the crown of the head. Where a reunion between individual and cosmic consciousness takes place. Its referred as moksha/salvation in most spiritual texts.
What I propose is; that I of each and every one of us, is not emanating in the head (like most of us feel- cause our thoughts originate in the head; its logical to conclude the subtle subliminal feeling of I also comes from there) but in reality; the center of our mass/gravity is the base of the spine. Thats where the potential energy- our inner self-our real self is present. Its considered generally dormant. The base represents the common reality, and as I awakens and makes a metaphorical journey to the top of the head; different realms of consciousness and also redefinition of what one calls I is felt. I undertakes a revolutionary existence- one of individual self to universal I self.

This is a proposal few should take lightly, any body while being calculated/weighted is done from the center of its mass, so it should be for human beings; We cannot consider our heads or hearts (many point to that as their selves) as our core- the fact could be that the base of the spine (the base chakra-muladhara) and the imaginary metaphorical serpent it contains within it- the kundalini could be in fact the source and seat of the soul- of Yourself and I.


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