Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sai ~!~ Leela

Walking through days and weeks, Listening to things and people who don't matter; and I lose perspective; beating my head over the trivial headaches of man. Singing the blues like canned heat cause I am in the loss against 'the man'. No way that life is fair; and no way does it stand to be great. Its a grueling fight for survival from the cradle to the last day in the grave.
I am hope-less; and I dont see a friend in sight, who feels like i do/did. I have no lover to complain to and rest my weary head. The world caves in around me and I am left naked in the streets of apathy.
There was once a fire inside my heart, to conquer the world and myself. I lost it once i stepped in the ring of the human condition. It was too much for me to handle....
I went to shirdi. I dream of my dear mother and father. Sitting at the same place smoking a pipe between hard lips and eyes reddened to the core. Sai, when I look to you; you look back with an assurance which is real. Sai baba; the mystic saint and lover of the divine; you are my savior. You are my mother and father. My friend and foe; my melancholy on those days which depress my soul, and my elixir on the days where its all elevated.

You have been by my side; in my heart and my head. You are my lover and my guide. In times of need, i call to you; pray and coax you into doing my bid. You entertain your child as always. teaching me something so interesting and worth learning in the process. Something about your doings, and the way you lead your life; and the way I must lead mine too.
Sai, your leelas are too many to recount; you are present in every place and person who thinks of you with love, your photo, your paintings and your sayings. Your thought and yearning is all it takes for one to become your dasa for lifetimes together. Goto shirdi, where he lives still in the dhuni/fire of his. He is the true agni-hotri. Lover of the changing element. He is eternal and manifests through yugas, for the blessed and the mournful to let go, to get closure of this one experience of a life and then move on to celebrate godhood.

Read sai baba's stories, they are worth it. In any day and age, when you feel lonely and oppressed; down in dumps or just not worth it. Read what he did in a lifetime in India, He embraced every disease; took upon every misery of others, showed the right way to those who believed themselves to be superior to him- through silence and meekness. He showed anger and compassion (in the divine moods of his). He got high and didn't care for caste sex or creed. He laughed and shouted obscenities in one go. He is the master; He displayed to us fools over and over. He said without ego - follow me and you shall never worry. Come to my samadhi/grave/think about me and I will always show the way. I will always take care of my devotee~!
His love and endless compassion, his energy and power; His aura exudes in all spheres of my life. When I am foolish enough to forget his graceful presence; he picks me up and makes me see his face- in any and all places i could imagine, i have found sai; looking at me in such deep meditative smile. It just lifts me up; all of lifes pains and pressures, anger and angst, hate and survival instincts just melts away. I am uplifted into another world all together. He has been kind enough to show me the way to unity/advaitya time over to me, especially when I haven't asked or deserved the fruit.

Pray to sai, you dont need a room or a pose. You dont need a mantra or a yantra. You need to call his name, to see him in whoever you love/hold dear. he takes on forms and names constantly but he is every listening to his devotees' needs. He wont let you down, for you see; He knows that he and us are same, for him our puny troubles are nothing, yet he cares for when we are in trouble; the masters grace!!. His love is ever permeating; Sai baba is omniscient; omnipresent; omnipotent. True master of masters.

You dont need to believe, you dont need to circumnavigate an idol. You can be yourself and expand in love and unity. He will pull you to his feet and then you (like I) will realize that the day to day mundane lives we lead, lead by cowherd instincts towards every decision in life; is not a complete/holistic life, and it will only lead us to misery. When you don't need any of the worldly notions anymore; you have arrived at the sai's feet. He will take care of you. Make you a part of the world; working for good of others and never leaving your side.... I bow pray and sincerely thank my mother father lover and myself.

Sai Baba grace us with your presence
Your name and form takes over everywhere in the world and in the hearts of all
Everyone is now at your feet praying and rejoicing; placing garlands and showering you with petals
Singing and dancing at the divine leela which is your essence master. Everyone is making the world a living shirdi.
Your samadhi is our hearts. Your eyes piercing and annihilating all ignorance. Your reign supreme has just begun.
'Ya Sai'  we shout in our divine merry making; we are blessed indeed to have a master of the self like you !

Peace Be Upon All
Sai Baba Loves All

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