Thursday, December 2, 2010

Out of the world-III

The other day I was walking on the side of the road; I am extremely careful when I walk on main roads (as generally I am listening to music on the pod and I don't hear any outside noises), but this time I was actually without ear-phones plugged in, and was minding my distance from the centre of the road.
This did not make any difference to a maniac woman driver who ploughed me down in her toyota carolla without any notice rhyme or reason. She didn’t hold any personal grudge towards me I suppose, after all I had not seen her ever before. She just drove up my arse so fast that I did not have the faintest idea of what happened (or rather what ‘hit’ me). I got bumped and due to the powerful impact (the lady was driving at a potent speed of over 40kmph says my ass still through sporadic hints of excruciating pain); I got flung a near feet or two away on the road and the lady had the courtesy to hit the brake pedal at least by then so not to run over me a second time. I fell face first onto the tarmac, and got up instantly in a daze. I just did not understand what had happened in that fraction of a second; it felt like a powerful slap on my behind from god (pretty funny). I turned around and understood the situation alas! The woman took her own sweet time to get off her car, I yelled but one thing to her; ‘Are you drunk?’
I repeated it atleast once more, she was flustered, and probably in fear that i would hit her beyond any chances of mercy (oh how i wish that would be). she replied ‘ No , No My foot slipped, My foot slipped, I am sorry). That was a lie, neither did her foot slip nor was she sorry; she looked like one of those delhiites who talk incessantly on their phone while driving their businessman daddy’s car. They dont take a drivers license seriously and the repercussions of driving their cars over other people; even when they do exactly that
I was very angry, fuming. I remained quiet. I looked down; didn’t even look at the girl’s face. i wanted to disappear, away from these people, these inane acidic pathetic bastards, who didn’t care enough even to be vigilant while driving a powerful machine.
I have never been hit before a vehicle, i always am very careful; and after all I have to be, this is delhi and there are enough maniacs born in their rich daddy's lap to be brought up like the cunts that they are just to be given a big ass vehicle on their 18th birthday (according to the drivers licences; while their real age would border closer to puberty- both of the body and mind). And then one fine day they decide that looking in front while driving their car was not really a priority; or even a necessity.
I just walked away, she kept asking me from behind, I am sorry, can I drop you somewhere. I wanted to drop her into an abyss. I had no need to be hit by a person that day or any other. especially for no fault of mine. The incident/experience spoilt a perfectly spoilt day even more. I felt the hand of doom whacking my ass over and over. All the time laughing and saying my foot slipped
I learnt through the experience, and reaffirmed that women are really no good when it comes to handling a vehicle or any other machinery (even phones, computers etc). They are supposed to be less rash then the men when it comes to handling cars, but i really did not see any hint of that being true either. They are equally if not more foolish and careless when it comes to driving their corollas in their pencil heels (oh yes she was wearing heels driving and hence I presume her foot slipped).
The presumption that the world is a decent place filled with people who are basically kind hearted and good natured was once again banished from my mind for a very long time. Such people, incidents and experiences just go ahead to reaffirm that people (and people in india) are morons, fools and filled with some sort of contempt. We all should be shot dead at point blank range.
Yes we all belong not to here, but to some distant corner of outer space…
(and yes, the story continues further……..)

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