Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shared Space


We are playing our favourite music sitting in our rooms and our parties. The waves are travelling through everywhere in this shared space.

We are put on a small rotating revolving rock on one corner of space. Space which never seems to run out but it just might. Lonely and desolate yet filled to the brim with life and darkness.

Think about it, our planet in this vast universe. And so many other verses put together almost like putty mixed in with flavour and colour. What a combination, spiced with this organic consciousness which seems to grow sparsely. Completely covered with the chocolate dark space and beyond. The unknown and unknowable by anything called ‘alive’

So many breathing burning fires of life everywhere, some in physical space (energy in lower vibrations) and some in rapid ethereal movement, all in one space. Our bodies and rooms and dimensions; all shared. Nothing is you in a final sense. There are many of “you” here and at any given ‘point’.

It stops making sense after a while, the more you stare in the abyss. The less it needs to stare back, cause you are realizing what you were; are. The endless dark abyss too.

Shared space with mind and bodies and souls, clumped together; heaving trying to aspire to greater; grander. Consciousness power trying to realize itself. Futility may be description. Beauty and reason-less bliss might be other words/labels which describe this state. This state of space.

Space is what we all are. Energy flowing endlessly and seamlessly. Without a farce of boundary or imagination. I really understand this to be our great grand point in schemes unknown or worthless to know.

Every time we listen to music or meditate or play; we are almost transgressing into regions where it seems there is no one sharing our space.

But believe you me; there is no you; There is no I or we. There is only this shared space. We are all this space in reasonless grace.



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