Saturday, May 19, 2012

Through and Through


My heart explodes at just the thought of my love. It beats and faster it burns to yearn for its lover. My heart remains an infant; crying and pleading for its mother to return to suckle it to life.

All through life, times and experiences change yet this burning desire never got tired. It just built up the fire. Burning higher and higher; consuming everything which was close or far… In such blissful sighs; my heart seeking the inevitable void.


Lover where are you? Where did you hide, why do you torment me such; even the night seems tired. Come now to me; make me abide; through and through I am yours. This life and verily the endless next.

Such intense dispassion; such great melancholy without you being near. Lord of loving grace, absorb me in your eyes. Lift my life. ever blissfully intertwined.

Through and through I have been searching; through and through I realized. That the more I searched, more love eluded me. Sat down at the cross roads, gave my cloak and staff to the winds. I sat and embraced my tears alive.

Reclusive and yet so elusively designed, the space and theatre enclosed makes breadth feels vibrant; such intense effects of causes unknown. brings back memories never created almost.

There is no passion in love; no compassion; only an quietude almost like melancholy. This love has no beginning and no end. This love burns for itself through and through.


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