Thursday, June 28, 2012

Money - $ A Lazy man’s Identity$


Money and its origins are a direct imprint of human culture and its intent.

All of life is about (at best) a quest to find identity; perhaps by finding it one way. This identity defines the entity. It is who it is and has chosen to be. More than anything it is that the person/life form has chosen to define itself AS different from anything else.

The way money works up the psyche is that it is the easiest thing which can define who you are. Money/gold/land/resources what not become what makes you have an experience different from what you imagine others are having. This very source thought becomes the motivator for trying to get MORE of the drug.

So if life was not made so simple by rampant consumerism and capitalism; then our lives would be indeed very very difficult/trying. We would spend half our lives exploring outwards into the world *many might spend their whole lives* and the other half reflecting inwards. While now we just remain in a daze of sorts. Looking no where except towards money; cause who ever has it, has everyone’s gaze *supposedly- a very subjective statement!

So money if was eliminated from a society – the repercussions would include perhaps a more trying time and even a more fun time – exploring the definitions of this identity which apparently everyone has got, and everyone wants to revel in!

Your standard definitions of what is hep and not would change dramatically (perhaps in days or hours), you would unshackle yourself from your own lethargy to be owned by something called money cause you were too lazy to break away!

But is it safer, than the current apathetic sickening world and life which we choose to embrace on a day to day reality basis!? We still might contend to remain as we are now; striving for some paper, and crushing people to get in its way (cause money cant be with everyone in equal amounts right?- then identity would become merged again lol )

So you spend your whole life, working for a better life – a better wife – a better knife? Something like that? People would call this experience exhilarating by itself *and I am sure it is* but to think what we as a collective yet individual identity could accomplish in this organic beautiful world. We could atleast achieve not fighting! man to man; thought to thought; life for life?

Its all cause of the money honey; is what I know. And it becomes imperative to remain astute; silent and powerful in front of this mock power; just because we choose to accept its reality is no reason to indulge in it actively.

Peace and Joy

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