Sunday, June 24, 2012

Epic Sayings


Dark looming clouds are gathering overhead; pouring has begun finally the end; again.

So first one;

People say that the ancient structures of lore. The grand pyramids and the towers all going up to the sky were all to serve as a reminder to humanity (perhaps by ancient god aliens or like). The structures made were all protruding into infinite space above. A metaphorical reminder of the pointedness of the spirit in the abundance of the grand spirit. The phallus and the space around.

Also many would say that the structures were made to look like something resembling our pineal gland. The small pea like structure holds our concept of reality; for each living sentient animal. There is a gland which is controlled by light and darkness. This would make our sum total of life experience. Some would say the temples were made to propitiate the inner archetypes-gods who traversed through this black hole from the center of our brain – where the gland resides and can cause changes ultimate to our reality.

So the second one,

People nowadays say that they “write code”. They are software programmers; writing jumbled up sayings in english or any other local language- but none the less writing a different language all together – perhaps Java or C or fuck what not. Every single device and machine which we are to create and have already is run by the code. The code if changed or deleted would render the entity perhaps completely different.

So we too as humans are bound by code – of language. Language in its most simplest and literalist of sense – the language which we speak – which is made of secret allegory and visualizations. Language and words which when spoken render a certain sort of will into action, and words which carry with them some sort of hidden unspoken power – again causing will to be created,

but it is also the concept that when we change our language – we will change our selves – the affirmation which we set upon ourselves – creates the notion of us. Perhaps it controls the amount of chemicals released from our pineal gland and hence our sense of reality is a certain sort.

So the third one,

Traditionally in India, all saints who follow the nath order – remain generally followers of goraknath and of shiva, cause shiva himself is a nath and hence he is considered to be one of the guru brothers- mingling in between all of em. And all the followers of the sect generally end their names with ‘nath’. But there is one avatar of the god vishnu who is also interestingly called nath – In english he is well known as a juggernaut, and he is verily that. He is jagan natha – the lord of the world. This seemed to be very appropriate, that the one who according to me has time over protected and kept humanity from destroying itself from each other mostly has been lord vishnu. If prayed to through sincerity – he would actually cause a revolution in the hearts and minds of people on this planet – something which I understand to be of vital importance now especially to avoid his last avatar to descend ( or is it that he would actually come if we pray to him more?). Kalki is to return to the earth, wiping the physical and mental distress away, starting a re-model of the ancient times, where everything would be what it was chosen to be. Not just a mirage or a hallucination.

So the fourth one,

Bliss is a word which is encountered a lot from many masters. They say that the state of absolution – of liberation from state and cause and structure is a state of bliss. But there is no self to experience this self. This is what I feel from heart. The state is a nihilistic condition, something which cannot be explained or experienced or been… cause its not there (from the point of I – perception) yet its thought of more than any other concept in this world at any given time, Love or freedom or some other word/symbol could be tried to fit into the word bliss and the state would be still thought to be understood, but its really not the case.

The experience of a Identity – I. makes us, makes us experience, makes us experience our own deaths and accepts, accepts that this would be liberation. Its something beyond the mind’s comprehension(for it exists by the death of the mind). So what is it then? Its surely not what the word ‘bliss’ could mean as we know it.

But yet we strive for it, If we do we succeed in our own personal deaths (and at the time of this personal death – is the liberation/realization/emancipation/bliss reached) and if we do not strive for it, we remain with what we are/have. The identity of ourselves, the Immortal (or so it seems) I.

So the fifth one,

Existence so fragile, calls upon everyone to sing and cry. We must oblige;

with a sensual smile (as I see it).

Existence so alive; in between endless darkness – states which we wonder

Yet have never experienced. Then we finally die.

Where is your heart; Your strength and armour. If you would not be a warrior

and embrace these fallacies and make swift progress in shortening time.

Embrace and accept, move on and fight. There is one last night of this deafening pain.

And then you will be a shining star in the sky. Make you shine bright!


Peace and Love.

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