Sunday, June 17, 2012

Leadership is What?

New age concepts are an extreme sour spot on my intellect. So after organizations with bullshit visions and missions come up – calling for a disgusting look past of their real intent/motive (which is localized profit or gain as compared to another localized entity – a country/region/economy/company/individuals what not). This is where my nerves seriously give away when piled by more crap made to look like that it matters (no it does not).

So the new fad after World War I and II is that you can be a leader. A corporate magnet; who attracts and networks with more sincere fools who believe in making a quick buck – earning more for themselves (which would necessarily mean that others would have to earn less, cause earning more has no value if everyone does it right). Such an entity would exist because he is a leader – with the power of command. But not everyone has the right or supposed talent to do this.

I wonder why? Who actually can be a leader in this world? A person with good academic credentials, a system and process following maggot who believes that by working the system and the people who are a part of it; he will command their eventual attentions and their pathetic lives?

A leader is someone who is inspired it seems, to lead people onto an abyss (similar to pied piper – because well even he led for money right?) Some people might get offended what the motivation for a leader could be.. Would it be money? YES! Would it be empathy? NO. Well leaving motivation aside for now; I want to understand why everyone cannot be a leader (this is something which MBA classrooms leave aside inside their rooms and advertise outside – because well everyone they take in their classes is a leader none the less)

So why cannot everyone lead in this world? This is of course a ridiculous question - for then who will lead another? This is what MBA colleges of repute and organizations of global impact would understand (but they really don’t). If everyone becomes a leader; then what would be the use of companies and schools offering the special unique statement that we groom leaders. In my opinion (something which most people could not consider), everyone indeed must become a leader; leader of and for their own selves. Leading themselves is the first and final acts of will. Most people would say that they are truly leaders of themselves, and that is worth a laugh within itself, because though we have constructs and illusion of true personal will, none of us actually do. We go around choosing the places of our residence and work, relationships and consumerism at work but we are not free to change our natures or personalities or the way our thoughts process or hearts feel. True change would bring out the power of individual will, which would further cause one to be a real and true leader in every sense of the word – melding and reinventing the steel from within.

This is actually the mark of many of the leaders (both in corporate and elsewhere) of our time and before. Leaders undergoing extreme turbulent times making them more nimble/flexible yet strong from the outside – understanding the concerns of those who follow them; and also being able to practice what they preach (something most supposed leaders of our times are not really good at – for they never have remoulded their will to lead themselves in the first place).

Leadership is a passé concept; something which enlightened societies might not even consider important at all. But yes for humanity and life on earth in general – it seems that some are born to lead while the others are seemingly following. The part that everyone doesn’t get is that either everyone is leading or everyone is following one which or other.

Leadership stops to hold any value; when you realize the nature of the self. Leading what and where? Why this lead through a path to a goal? These questions must be deeply penetrative in the hearts of today’s leaders. What will it accomplish – not just in terms of objective goals (for life is seldom objective); what will it change? Is this change required/necessary or even needed?

I know some of us ask these questions once a while, but we stop where society asks us to stop. We should think of profit or philanthropy; think of us against them. Leaders have to be those people who can help share their wisdom to create leaders in us all. Something guru’s of ancient lore were famous for. These people were hardly famous; yet they did accomplish sharing of concepts and expressions needed by everyone to harness the true potential of their own. Their own will – leading itself to harmony and annihilation.

Peace and Love

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