Friday, November 20, 2009

@@Lock Head Shiny Eyez@@

Oh Aghora! You know no limits, nothing stops which cannot be stopped. You illumin this dark world. Your secrets forever shrouded in mystery. What can be revealed, which cannot be spoken. It must be experienced. You mould the man into what he truly is. Your path untainted, you are the solace of this world. The embrace of the nath! The footsteps towards Baba Kala~Bhairava.

Show no mercy towards me, break the notion of I from within. Let the fragments be brought together. Assimilated to create a new notion. A new idea of the world. The truth, outpouring of multitudes.

In the core darkness of the night, deep within the crematory; you walk in fine grandeur, how can your energy be forgotten? My master of dream and reality, of day and night, baba you liberate each pyre with your innocent eyes.
Matted in thick jatas, with blood drunk eyes, lord of destruction. Kali lover, Maa worshipper, kala bhairo steps finally into your body as well as mine.
What is the use of your enchanted body? the precious gift of your mind? If you fail to use these to elevate your energy to see the master delight in his birth and death of the ego 'I'
Its for sure you and I wont last, the smashan will burn one day at a time, but it will continue to light up the darkness of this world. Embrace this final reality., death is not the illusion, the illusion is the darkness of life.
The judgement cometh, and it strikes fast. The master drunk on soma, sees with datura vision. He is the night, the final rolling force, his feet tandav on this endless smashan, burning skin to bone to ashes to the void.
The shackles of this body burnt to nothing. The reality draws and dawns upon mankind. That when the master starts his dance, none of your gluttony shall make you any what wiser. Bow down while you still got the time, open your heart cause we gotta make it outta this indigo night.

Speechless behold the radience of the truth. Bodiless, floating stretched to all of time. All that is you! (aham ~ brhamasmi , every single moment, all the moments that make your time)

Jata-dhari, silent contemplator of mankind! We need your presence now, burn away the illusions gripping the soul to the maya-matrix. Open that third eye~'~

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