Thursday, November 19, 2009

Learning to Learn

Evolution is an compounding event. With each new generation bringing/assimilating the learning and experience of the previous in their gene. The movement towards evolution is way to experience everything all at once. Thats how i look at it, I have this urge, to know everything- not only about a particular subjects time line, but also know every single perception which can occur towards the subject- either an object, person or experience itself (Situation/condition). I choose to feel all the emotions all at one go-together, I dont have much understanding of the situations i have been born in (or why actually I have taken birth) but once that is done, I have only one condition- to see all, to feel all, to be all. Life is too short they say to experience completely. People draw their life experience from what they have seen.known.felt.undergone in a life. Each life can only see/show only that much if you think about it. What to do if you too, have a thirst towards everything?

Learning how to learn is actually the only way evolution progresses, as a being, organism or as i try to put it-consciousness evolves it is actually trying to remove the 4rth dimension of time from the sense of experience- then imagine how it could be- there would be no time bound/situation bound/condition to think/feel. It could be all done all at one go. The sense of inner ecstasy increases infinitely when this happens in one's life. It has happened a few times- you would understand perhaps, when time doesnt have anything to do. When all you have is the moment and it is there and its sheer bliss and its everything- true triumph of life! 

This is what I believe our ancients were looking for- one way of perceiving of the many of their mysterious intents. others say people spending years in samadhi were trying to find freedom from illusion- maya. But it could be that their outlook was towards true unhindered and eternal life- after all its still the motive of modern man- to live full and old and complete- but we neglect the most important ways this can be done. We don't actually/honestly think how to elongate life span and the unique experiences life can offer. We are witnesses all in the process of learning how to learn. People scoff if you try to do something different to your life- people group together and believe their collective consciousness (stupidity) will define life for them. Life cannot be mass defined and thats the truth. To me life is simply removing time. To be timeless and with the ability and intent to experience as chosen, thats life. The conscious decision. When the process of this grander life is thoroughly "lived"., then perhaps non-existence could also be an option. think about it. Till then who would actually want to die? But then I ask, what is stopping people from living?


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