Friday, November 20, 2009

Turning Point

What is the turning point in anyone's life? I would think if some one read that question, they would scan their present life for answers, what experience or event turned them for the wiser or some fuck up like that. But most people actually never guess what the real turning point is...
Any warrior. A man with nothing to lose, and a man who has lost everything can tell you this answer in a moment. Its your personal death. Its the moment when your breadth stops, your heart stops pumping blood and some 10 minutes later, your brain stops all function. That is the defining moment of your life. In most civilized cultures- with any and all insight the whole aim of life is to make it such that the end, the death when and however it comes- is fine. A man is made when he can face his moment of death and realize the entirety of his actions, and his actions at that time-moment decide everything worthwhile of his entire life. li
That is how I am, thought and action wise. i don't see a point in doing most things in the world which supposedly are so so important to everyone cause to me they are absolute crap. All that matters is how i make my life. my will tempered with the experience of breadth so when that moment arrives, i wont cowl down. i wont vomit my guts, and i wont think my entire life was a waste. That moment when it arrives, that precious instant when it comes to me, i will use my will and my personal power and encounter death and have the most grand laughter. Not that silly madman laughter-if thats what you imagined.
But a truly gifted un imaginable laughter way out of proportions for you all who think death is a grim affair.
It's gonna set me free.

In kabirs words - " when you come into the world, the entire world around you rejoices, while you are crying your lungs out.... so make your death (and your life of course) such, that when you die (oh you understand.. the rest of the doha don't you ;) ) You shall laugh your truest laughter, while everyone mourns and cries at your corpse"


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