Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The kite waits as the sun blazes from atop. The wind sways not this creature. Driven by hunger it looks to the edges of time itself. The kite's eye resembles the hubble telescope, searching/seeking that flavor to live. Even atop this great height, the bane need to fill the stomach hasnt left this awesome creature. Where shall it end, the kite thinks? When will I rest, when it will not bother me no more. When I could use these gifted eyes, this sound sight.. These wings not to kill yet to soar higher and higher. Further aways from all that restricts.constricts.diminishes.destroys. The eagle perched firm singing the tune of the wind. The rumbling of the skies, even on this clear day.

Deep within the warm baked earth, lies the nocturnal hunter, the western diamond back rattler, cannot wait till the night to dawn. When will this wicked need to eat, to replenish finish? When can I sleep with the earth/deep within its recesses - in peace. without this incessant need to find more and more to be content. The snake feels the vibration of the earth to its bones, seeing what is present around it, even when it cant see. It feels the needs of the earth. It sings the song of gaya.

The indian blows the pipe, and the wolves howl. He steps lightly on ether and the worlds twist out of known fate.
Rattler comes out from its hole, the seering heat on top of its shining skin, moves zig zag and feels the movement of its kill. Smelling and leveling the consequences of all its methods, it chooses the way it shall kill. The rodent jumps from one hole to another, completely missing the fragile mortality its reaping every single moment, Snake charms its way on the dirt... flickers its tongue and finds the pinpoint attack point. Coils up and waits for the rodents face to emerge out of the ground, minutes pass like hours yet the snake is expert at getting what it wants, the effective hunter, death written on its forehead. born to kill. flickers one last time and by the end of it the rodent has smelt its own death and it runs head first into it, the fangs pour venom as they bite down mercilessly. The snake has won its meal.
The kite swoops down with a single pointed vision. The vision to end it all. to end its hunger and everything along with it. It can see the skin glisten in the dusty earth. opening its mouth it bites down, and grabs a double kill. The rattler never had the time even to breathe its last. The sweet taste of victory never even swallowed.
The kite moves back unto the clouds, to its nest to feed itself. The twisted visions of fate have worked to perfection. A million miles away, all of them fate-a-holics.

I am a bloody fate-a-holic. Thriving on what the unexpected universe/nature will throw up to kill my dreams, destroy my fantasies. reduce my existence and diminish my brain cells in the process. This cruel fate, blinds me shows me no path till i can see the entire map in the back of my head.
Why part thinking my friends? Why this importance to your long term future-spanning just couple of years to the future, i tell you when fate clamps down its mouth on you, even couple of moments would seem to be an eternity.
Pay attention, to systemic thinking and feeling. Why feel and think and then act upon those in parts? to part solutions and part logic ? Why this running away from the true entire reality emerging? Dont have the time.... feels like that for humanity, and when fate is done with you and I. We will have none. (time or life)
Look at the big picture. but it looks like we all are born with myopic thinking and sight. Why does big picture not include your death? that is the end, or perhaps an intermediate stop, or perhaps back to the beginning, but it is a part of you. Fate will bring you to that as well.
Giving it all up is an act of losing to fate, and you may think i am one of those small minded people who dont believe in the will of a person, but I dont give enough credit to people in this day and age to actually actualize their wills to work/change their own fates upon. Fate is already done and its in the process of being done as well. You cannot change it until you understand who you are. not in a moronic osho/shiv khera/ sanskar channel fuckers-new age assholes way but in the true sense. The act of finding oneself, difficult - takes many many many years of arduous life, and thoughtlessness to achieve. Then only can fate not touch you. But until then all of you (dont worry, inclusive of I) are like the snake. grabbing that tasty meal in your mouth while your death strikes from the skies. Trying to steal a grin on your corpse!? Is that what your life has surmounted to, is your life and this oppertunity so cheap as to run behind the hunger in your mind. never ending. never lasting. True junkies of this generation, you dont know that you all are actually addicted to fate. Even when you think you have broken out of the chain of some sort of bondage- the freedom which you think lies in your wallets and in your contempt for life. De addict, come to the universes de addiction lab. Give in to your fate. And then invert the void.

One day you will see, the dead come down to me... come now; Take a chance. Come Dance - Metallica ( Devils Dance)

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