Saturday, November 7, 2009

Like wise

Take a seat next to the edge; Dont fall down yet, enough time yet..
feeling of imperative sinking. Heart binds to Heart, never too old.

Take the car out for a spin across the country, feel the air on your hair. Is it not the perfect feeling?
The line is smooth, crystals of your mind spread on the glass surface, go down take a hit. Lose it all in that perfect feeling.

I feel like you, like her, like him, like them, like all.. like none.. like wise.
All alone in this cold winter, Holocaust winter witch. Time bomb ticking in your eyes. Shine explode into infinity.
Path filled with gemstones, every breath a moment all unto itself. Life dwells on the threshold. Crest fallen blood drunk crazy times like these call for more. Thrust into the thirst for no-more.

The ashes of the dead on the forehead, foreboding night. Smells like death all over again, virgin crossroad, savored corpse. All a nights game. calling out the dogs to the fore. To the shores of nevermore.
I heard him asking me for liberation, for life spared. What could i do? a puppet on strings, I pull the trigger. Wait for another to hit the ground, and stay down.
Confusing life, did not need it. did not choose it. It found me, for the sake of myself, i have destroyed myself. Like wise I hope for you too.

People demolishing the good, starving the kids; simultaneously wasting their precious caviar-farce in the name of food.
Looking down the canyon, in high demands, falling up and sinking so low.
carved a name on my arm, shoot that magix down my arm, sink that feeling in a shot of tequila sunrise. Pleased to know that you would be my dark bride.
Christ be buried. The tomb be sealed. Freedom be burned. Hope returned. Nothing here shall make us what we could be, in this lifetime or the next.
Listen to me completely, don't give yourself a chance. all your chances will be coveted by the poisoned grain, all your lies bubbling to the surface, amalgamating in absolution. Drowning in dissension.

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