Monday, July 20, 2009


Got the ground trembling ever again...
The sights and sounds blur and something from internal takes over.
Visions of inner transmutation, have you ever been like that? felt like as I do.
Has the ground ever; I mean ever slipped from under your feet?

There is a unfolding of this cosmic vision. As it starts (has it ever stopped is the real question). There are chaotic vibrations sent forth above from the base of your spine. The fire cannot be stopped; cannot be questioned; cannot ever be withheld. It is your awakening as well as mine as well as this entire existence's.
You have never paid attention to the detail within the detail. Something has always remained amiss if you look and observe and see at anything including yourself. As you become sure of what and why you are. Suddenly there is a shift in consciousness. You are not yourself anymore. Ever felt or been like that?

The goddess redeems those who can withstand her power. Believe this I say from my inner of inner heart. Her eyes fiery red. Colours of a million suns enveloped within timelessness.
Her bosom breathing in this world and breathing out a void. She is maha~mudra itself.
As you look and see at those things which maketh what and why you are. Within a glance of the awakening you see the real nature of things. Real nature that they all are maya~ a vision of what we see. of what we current/presently are. They are reflections of a reflection called 'I'

The energy rises. Never stays still. She doesn't obey you; for you must obey her.
Her beauty is this world. Her distaste is disintegration.
She is maha vidya. She is the virgin power. She is the remorse of ignorance. She is the cycle and without as well.
Rise with will. To the true union. Something which waits for you oh goddess. In this moment. There is none other; there is no separation. There is only false perception, all destroyed~ there is only union to your true partner.

We live in a world of many, a world which is dual. Take a look around you; do you believe that anything in this world is a replicate? a duplicate? Take a look at the microcosm and you realize that each and every particle~ an electron, neutron, atoms all are at different energy states. The possibility and probability of finding two at the same energy; power are impossible. Then what to say of these clusters of particles... every thing stating a difference.
All these dualities? are they made for you or for I?
I maketh these dualities; perceiving something different so that they can be separated and dualized.
All this is to change as awakening takes place. As one awakens; bonds are cut loose. They are cut with the cleaver of the maha~mudra of chandi. She will make you seek her. bleed and sow for her. She will take everything you are and destroy it. She will rebuild you without you in it.

Hers is the grand play; the mystique of life itself. She dawns like the radiant sun in your heart and she wont let go. She is the twilight of this life. A psychedelic revelation.

All you must do is witness your own death.

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