Sunday, July 19, 2009

Plane(t) of Experience

Sweet majesty created out of void.
Pleases itself with experience and remembering.
The planet of experience twirls out of the void,
Sinks everything in infinite nothing-ness.
Sleep and inertia are brought upon.
The mystery shrouded and the veil drawn.
Brings none and take none. The slide is inevitable.
The king rests on a bent knee.
The planet of experience differentiates not between pleasure and pain.
It shall rein in quite wisdom. Until every-thing is drawn back into the void.
No redemption or salvation can be present; when there is differentiation in mind.
Remove mind replace with no mind. The planet of experience teaches.
Limps and groans. Without reason . Placid and fearsome to none but itself.
The sweetness of his, is drawn mostly out of treason; of ones self to the soul.
And the amber mist is mistaken to be harmful. But what of ones own can harm?
There is nothing beneficial or fickle in experience. It is the natural source of calm.
Contemplate deeply with no-mind to the planet of experience. May he reign forever.
On and On.

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