Sunday, July 19, 2009

Around the Bliss

timeless she stands in the rows of silence.
in her eyes she reflects the dark side of the moon
rising from the ashes she breathes of fire inside me
and awakens like the depths

Dead i am the sky
watching angels cry
conquer in the worm

Burn through the witches
and slam at the back of my dragula...

We sail through the night sky
stars shine like her eyes,
The fools and the moon, in silver creeks
fall down beside me,
light of the night, and the earth
a purple haze, a sapphire gaze
beside me all the time.
all the time

While i drown, in this wicked need
silver starlight bathes me down..
and so we breathe, last sighs of this lost life
and we travel the night over and over.

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