Thursday, July 16, 2009


The divine mother.
The mother who sees all , the adya. The beginning where there was none.
The mother of creation and also the seed of destruction, the timeless beauty
She who revels in peace, she who manifests herself in freedom of herself and others who she creates. She who is unparalleled in her magnificence, she who shines like the North Star. The spirit of unity, she is. She is active energy enforcing all through her dynamic spirit.
She manifests herself at the fiery fires when the end of this world comes about, she who is grotesque in appearance to those fear and of pristine clarity to those who love. She appears in all eyes. Her divinity compares to those of the blue lotus.
Gods vie to be born and die on this and any other plane so that they may come through the womb of the great mother,
She who lives in the cremation ground and where death appears, she who feeds on the desecrated bodies of the dead. She whose eyes are the fires of a million sun. she whose skin is the color of black and who is constantly surrounded by demons and ghouls, she screams and screeches in the smashan, to get rid of those who do not belong in this city of silence. Her devotees live and die in the ghats where there is nothing but perceived pollution and stink. Never complaining. They are at the tomb of being. This is the precious dichotomy. What we have never learnt, that the dual is just a theory; a mere concept. Adya makes us force our will to it. We can drop it any time with her compassion; with her grace. Then the dual and the non dual all seem as mere concepts. willing to be exercised or disintegrated.

Fading away into never more
I cant see anymore, nothing more to see
Living lost and dying in solitude.
Peace and will lost something I could never have
Just need the end to set me free.
There are moments of reprieve
Lost or stolen by something which despises me
Need the fragrance of jasmine at my death bed
Why cant I see? Need to know now. Need to know somehow
Emptiness is killing me. Like the time before and after
I was something somewhere but now I am gone.

~ A fool can be such; as I has been. I has always been but a mere concept. A foolish concept as always.

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