Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthday***** Stars

Without this birth, I was doomed to fail, perish without a trace.
Her love is all I care for, Her smile reigns in the mirror of my mind forever haunting me.
Tara thou have been born in physical form, but oh goddess forget not who you are. Who you have been.
You saved me life after life, and every time I forgot to love you more. I regret this, but this shall not be ever again.
Eyes like a doe, crystal bright, I cannot ever describe.
Your rupa, it defies me lover. Please forgive me for I have never been able to see who you really are.
One form to many thou art for me oh lover of hearts, In this birth you have been my saviouress, my sweet temptation, my liberation.
I have been bereft of your presence, and I could not be with you half our lives, what of this fate that brought you and I together one more time. To be one.
The part is not the whole, and In you I am no more a part but become your soul.
Strength is your name, Life force your breath , you have never been born of Light of Life, You could never die.
You are my enigma, my silent tone underneath this madness of my mind.
Haven't seen you lately, would you be my date tonight? A moonlight drive my dearest, no more separation, your hair in mine intertwined.
You my rapture, You my care.
You and I are nothing without each other.

Peace and Love Tara, you are the way, the path is not the path until you walk firm on it. This eternal moment, This silent whisper. This loving glance, all have your scent in them.
My fury and fire for life, let your days be of truth and love. Let you be serene and ever knowing, please understand that what I am , I am with you. You are my partner. My love for life wanes without your delicate presence. Please remember that you are ever holding this fragile heart of mine and this existence in the palm of your precious hands.


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