Friday, June 26, 2009


A Yakshi, is a female entity, a kind of a spirit. in some parts of this country she is called as chudail. She is generally naked, decapitated or otherwise, with long flowing hair, and ofcourse a monstrous persona. I understand that there are levels of these natural entities, energy residues which move inside deep jungles and crematories.
Anyways, This is a recount of once when I saw this deeper truth. Perhaps
We were on way to kotachadri, which is the tallest peak in karnataka, we started off from manipal in the evening, with 3 bikes carrying six people, i rode with my roomate patel on his yamaha. We cruised for a long time. stopping for the usual change of mood we reached almost half of our distance in time, now the jungle patches started up and the towns became scarcer, the western ghats are truly holy and haunting at the same time in the night, i forgot to mention we were going to trek this beautiful hill at night. Though not completely insane, we chose this because it coincided with a full moon :) this we found out ofcourse only when the moon rose :)
Patel and I were on the lead most of the time, as the driver is insane, and I could not help the wind on my face. We stopped one final town before the thick thick jungles really started up. we had a smoke i remember, and then sat on with my ass on a bruised end, We rode.
We had left the other two bikes way behind and the darkness was immense, the light from the bike was the only illumination at this point of the night, it was around 11 in the night, sometime before we could see the moon, suddenly we both see a naked old haggard woman with long white hair walking on the side road, you must understand that this was at very quick speed, patel was cruising at more than 60 on that desolate lonely shadow of a road. and we see this, we both freak out in a second, and I instinctively tell patel to slow down, not that I am a moron, but i wanted to see an apparition of freak nature.
Patel speeded like a demon before I could even voice out myself, his ass in his mouth, I look back i remember and i can only see the pitch black of night.
There was not a town, not even a single blood ridden blood in any distance for eons at stretch. There was nothingness imparting itself on anything in those thick forests. Thick infested western ghat jungles,
I get hysterical in some time and start telling patel to turn around, chill out and finally I give up and start telling him bad horror stories, pattu is holding the bike atleast together I say. hahahahaha
A yakshi mesmerizes I feel, and thats what it is said about her, there are many practices in tantra which use these devis, these powers. They arent considered bad in higher powers. They impart material and spiritual wisdom, They can appear as young children, beautiful nymphs or haggard old women, there power is unquestionable for most. They hypnotize, they triumph.

Our trek in turn was perfect, and we reached the summit with the full moon beaming down upon us, beating down leaches we headed straight for our liquor to drown those highs into deeper highs.


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