Monday, June 1, 2009

Love Eternal

For Tara my eternal passion fire 

Every Moment spent with you, has nurtured a smile in my heart to bloom.
Every glance looked towards you has dazzled my sight into a whorl of sheer white loving light. 
I am incomplete without your touch. Hand in Hand tara, we are one. 

You think that I am care-less.Every Night without your breath shouldering mine drives me insane. Every tear you shed for us, has bound us, intertwined our fates, mirrored our karmas as one tara.

Sleep in my arms, Care-free, swept up into the serenade of your heart beat close to me I am myself again I see. Every time, Every moment is a moment made for us, as you and I and this world are spun on a spiders web, the web of eternal love. and divine grace. 

I pray for our life and love. I sit and think of overlooking my past without you, of undergoing a voluntary amnesia of the days where I had not known your longing. 
I am awoken by your sweet whispers in my ear, I dreamt that I was apart from you, a nightmare of real nightmarish proportions. An impossible situation. A sure death!

Let me into your eyes, let me become your smile and your joys. Let our kiss be forever deep. 
Let us be lead unto light, unto the light which forever Is. The light which is the true observer of this saga unfolding. A saga of our hearts falling and rising in each others Love. 

Peace and Love

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