Monday, June 1, 2009

Mukteshwara: DreamReality

There are two parts to every story, if you care to look at it closely enough. Most of us see half a picture and move on to the next frame, mechanical almost, but when something (I personally just call it power or life energy) makes your head turn and take notice; then we cant be foolish enough to ignore it once more.
Well enough bull crap, This story starts up in a dream, which I had somewhere early in 2008, In the dream, I am with a group of people, perhaps trekkers or campers or such and we are going to a hill station or something like that. We go and check in to some hotel or such which I remember and then we set out to go and explore, I remember that we go down hill at first and then start climbing, in the next scenes I am alone and I am somewhere which I know distinctly, before this dream I had seen a place which I wanted to visit.. a temple on a hill station, on tv or perhaps read about it, this temple hill's name is un clear to me after this dream event. Anyways I am walking on the path which leads to this hill temple in the dream now alone, and there is a slight incline and it leads to this temple. Now I wake up. 

Some months after this dream, I guess perhaps 2-3 months later; my folks start up to a trip with my visiting relatives mainly my dubai mama and his family (mami and shreyas). We head out to naukhuchiataal in uttarakand where we planned to stay for around a week in solitude. This is mountain region but is relatively low, hence it is a haven of lakes nestled in between hills. Naukhuchiataal is such, close to which are bheemtal, sattal and the very famous nainitaal. We over the course of week visited all these places. The relative quietude which one gets next to a body of water, is immense especially for city folks like myself. 
On the last day of our visit, we start of for mukteshwar.. This is at a great height, there is a very famous shiva temple as the name points out, which is on the mukteshwar peek. The height of this hillock is around 2300 mts up in the air. It takes us around 3 hours to reach this place. There is a small town in the vicinity of the temple, and a animals research institute as well, the temples entrance is blocked with the government school and there is a small winding upward path which leads from next to this school to the very top of this hill where the temple is situated. We get whored by youth from the village who in the season time generally make some money by showing people the temple and the adjacent attractions, but I am never in a mood for such indulgence, preferring to explore any and all places by myself with my own senses. 
But older and lesser patient people are never in such a mood so we end up taking a dick who just speaks about day to day events of mukteshwar and hasn't any intelligent answers to intelligent questions :)
We take off our shoes and make our way upwards, I am at side of my mother who finds it a bit difficult to walk up hill. There is a small shrine before the main temple, The main temple itself has a very small sanctum, its basically a small village shrine, which due to its power has got famous, well the view from this height is awesome as an understatement, there are hundreds of bells tied together outside the sanctum, I enter the temple and see a pandit (who looks like from kashmir) saying beautiful mantras towards the shiva linga, the linga is white stone and is very small. mukteshwara deva looks peaceful and powerful. I along with my family sit and meditate for a long time, then take due exit and explore the surroundings of this hill top. We click a lot of beautiful photos as well... 
There is a small hut just below this temple and we see that there is a lady talking to a relatively old baba. I pay little attention and see the place to do it full justice, soon my folks and relatives have crowded next to the baba ji, and as true peaceful Indians, paid obeisance and started polite conversation.. 
I arrive later and see that the young lady who was discussing something with the babaji take leave, apparently she had come from muzzafarabad to this place to seek a cure for some illness which her husband had been suffering from, babaji was famous. 
He was perhaps bengali by his accent, in his late 60's of good height and a very very very jovial natured face. He was resplendent with a permanent glowing smile. He gave us some sweet prasad to eat and he discussed what my family and its members did for a long time, we were impressed.. each and every working mind of my family was impressed with his love perhaps. His being. 
He was a disciple of Nagaraja Babaji, who is true love incarnate as it is said, he had a book in hindi about babaji which he showed to my father and I, he invited us inside the kutiya and told that there was another beautiful photo of his guru there, which when I entered saw. He had a little cot and small insignificant articles, There was a deepish hole in one end of the room through one of the walls. Babaji kindly explained with deep smiles that every night he entered this hole and went kilometres below to patala loka. He was very very happy and I loved his being for that. 
He talked about the end of the world and how he knew who the perpetrators of this were, he said it was a secret and whether we wanted to know who would cause the end of the world, we were very inquisitive but he never let out the secret as you would expect a good jnani to do:))
Now to the interesting part, when he met me this babaji told me that he had seen me before, and he asked me very diligently whether I had been there and then he affirmed yea son you had come here.. I looked and replied that when he said he has seen me, then he would not be wrong. 
Later in conversation when we were almost about to depart, he again said that I had visited here before, but that the last time I had come there to this temple, I was afraid and I didnt visit him properly and that I ran off. When he uttered this, something struck in my mind, though I didnt say anything to babaji, but while returning down and putting on my shoes, I told my mother about the fact that I had a dream in the recent past. Perhaps babaji was awake doing sadhana in the night and saw the dreamer had wandered over to the temple, and before I could do my sadhana there for mukteshwara, I woke up. By fear of the vividness of the dream... 

There is always two sides to a story, A dream and A reality. The point is to figure out which is which. 

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