Monday, June 1, 2009

Dream~For My Love Tara

I had this vivid dream quite a while back, but the intensity and the sheer bizarre-ness of it had me impressed very much.
The dream starts here on earth, and I am to be a part of some type of astronauts space mission team, so I remember that I am spending time with them and we are kind of training in those gravity devices which make you spin real fast, soon I am in third person view and we are in a space shuttle, all the people in the shuttle are wearing their suits, but there is one person, who I see as Sai Baba, who is without a space suit and he is doing fine, we land in some weird planet, perhaps Jupiter cause thats what I remember thinking. 
Sai baba gets out first from the capsule and as I am seeing the site in third person view I see him get out and walk around, the people from the shuttle come behind him and they and I are amazed that sai ram doesn't need any oxygen or so to walk around. 
Now I follow him, trailing behind him to see where he is going. He leads "us" to a huge ravine, where there is a river of sorts flowing below, very deep ravine and huge mountains on the other side. I remember the whole planet is sort of yellow magenta and red in color, and that is why perhaps I think it might be Jupiter. 
Suddenly I start seeing myself flying in a distance over the river in the ravine and I am ecstatic at this event, I see that  i am flying high and fast near the mountains and then I swoop down low and slow near the river, but Lo! what is this I see, there is another person, a lady. my love Tara who also is flying and she comes very close to me, as if we are to collide, and yes we do many a time in mid air, sometimes near the river so below, and sometimes high up in the air, whilst we are flying in air all the time, its kind of a tango, a space tango.. The sight in my dreams was vivid to say the least, it left me spellbound. At first I couldnt imagine what was happening then soon I realized it was a spiritual union happening in pure ether. 
The dreams reality had me awake in a moon where I was sheer gratitude towards my lover Tara. 

Peace and Love

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