Sunday, July 12, 2009


All it takes is a leap of faith, without thought or emotion or a concept of reason. In silence piercing the pain of birth.
Eclipsing my remeberence, you take over my life.
When I wished that I forget it all, you bring the breath of Life and eternity to my senses.

How is it that when I step out of my mind, you always show me the greater path. Captivating my movements into your plan. The shadows of our spaces between dissolve into nothingness.

We revolve into intertwined fates. Fates which are eclipsed back to the void.

As the sun and moon come in line for our final view of the ever after, dont lose this chance. For power of our will has drawn this eclipse into our view. As we hold our selves together witnessing the barage of what I could only describe as sheer bliss. Bodies shielding radiation. Lips drawn together shouting our hearts out. Drinking the wine of peace. Let the exlipse be drawn.

Animals and Humans together sink towards madness, those who cannot hold the power of this into the being. As the radiation of the Atom (anu) pours in. All our sins erased, all our merits washed out.

Start refreshed, Send your Love into the future. Bless this moment. Burn out in the rage of the exlipse.

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