Monday, July 13, 2009


Lip to Lip, the wine touched divine..
Wanderlust grows with the onset of the moon in the sky.
Never a path left behind, never a way out of this .

Could it be that your illusion is not just yours?
I seek ed demise in this dream of mine, a past to be remembered, futures to be forgotten
Look out for yourself, for the end is near, it is here. Very much in our minds.

Trapped and feeling sorry? An emotion doesn't render through this.
This is agony within the ecstasy, a sheer dance under stars and the moonlight.
A smile without reason, hey I gotta tell you; I have nothing to hide.
So, we are poets without reason, power without life. Is that to you and I?

The perfect stillness calls out, the mountain is in complete serenity.
Blended and yet un blemished, arunachala calls out to me. Standing the light of no lights.
Of all things which I have to see in this world o lord! I wonder; why didnt I see this blessed mountain before in my dreams?!

The lake is wandering around, the serpents layer your might say. I still to focus, numb to un focus. Placid and un wanting. Simple yet so graceful. Thee art Me I might say under these echoes of our ancestors; these powers that be; these shooting stars of mercy!

Since sitting here in repose, i have tasted the nectar. It brings forth true wisdom. From misery, from eternal ruin in this and only life. The taste is the lack of greed. It is freedom. It is ever present. A present of our own device. Come and taste this yourself; and lose yourself from I.

In this state what are we to think of time and ourselves? Where will these questions end? :)

There is only Love and Peace. They are everywhere as much as in your heart.

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