Monday, July 20, 2009

Deja You

I got a funny feeling in my mind,
seems like time stopped just in time.
For you and I to see ourselves; mirror reflecting life.

Have these sensations of deja you.
Noticed that you have these feelings too.
Somewhere lost in translations; a distant dream. Ever-new Life.

I walk on the back alley ways of our life; and all I could ever see is you.
Lurking through every corner. presenting a new taste of this wine called Love.

Love creeps silently and without notice. Creating vibrations so strong in this body.
Seen these intricate patterns ever before. Time stands still and the eternal moment reverberates with ever growing love.

Love is my deja vu to you.
May this never ending sensual be ever present in us.
Intertwined like creepers on the tree of life. We be one and the feeling grows.

The ground shakes, the trees quake as the wind howls.
These feelings, they never go. They remain permanent in hearts of hearts.
Take my hand, and roam this un-ending land (of soul). Within care. Without fear.
From twilight to twilight. We shall surely remain caressed lip to lip in this ecstatic moment of divine love. This subtle presence of a deja-you.


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