Sunday, July 12, 2009

Krait My Mind

This is spirit manifestation. Nothing more or less can ever be thought of it.

The fires of the early sunrise melt with the smack snack on the base track.
Lowers into the pit where reinventing of mould into soul takes place.

This took place when I was in the holy city of earth (bhuvan ishwara). My favourite haunt in the night with my alternate states of being came always in full view at the chandi temple at the edge of this so called town. The small hill where there was goddess shrine installed, without her companion nama civa present. She is ever active when she is on the hill. She is ever powerful and furious. For blood and redemption. There is never anything which could stop her.
I rise on this particular night, slow with music for company, music which calls out in divine love for grace from devi. There are two hills here, one where the shrine is present along with a small place to sit a bit away from the temple, from here one can see the whole city on one side and entire fields of elephant refuge of nandankanan on the other side. The night I remember is sombre, no moon. darkness engulfs.
The other small hillock is where the goddess is walking around. Its difficult and alone almost impossible to reach there. I have always required group attention and will, to go to the top of the other hillock. There is a lone tree there. Always amidst thick wind. To stand there, is a power trip of purification with the wind by itself.

I goto the seating place and take out some substances which alter my sense of space and time. These internal configurations change in "me" as time itself pours out and changes, moment to : moment.
There has been the presence of rain since past couple of days, though the skies on this night were fair and clear. There was a puddle of water formed on the hill top rock where I choose to sit, I sit and start meditating on the energies which are forming and dissolving here all the time. at no time.
Time passes on for long, must be an hour almost and I am deep in meditation, I suddenly start feeling a gnawing on my tee shirt, I get the sensation that it is a small frog near the puddle of water formed which is jumping on my shirt to try and get forward. I pay no attention for couple of seconds, and then it gets a bit annoying, in my daze I stand up and take couple of steps behind hoping to be behind whatever was near me, I have a small lighter with a torch in the back, which i take out from my pocket and flicker it on the ground. I see to my beautiful stoned amazement that it is none other than a long slender black and white striped snake. It was an Indian Krait, there is another snake which looks the cousin to these special species, but they are bluish in color, there is no mistake that this one is young and sheer black and white. It was behind me, kissing my spine. A serpents kiss is no mistake. it is a sheer sign of power. Suddenly it slithers away into the undergrowth and that moment I get a blast in my mind, of fear and anxiety as if my mind was fathoming the whole hill of these dangerous snakes. I run without much thought to the temple and climb the stairs, I see the goddess first time late this night and seek grace and seek the power.
The krait is a special snake. it is a very shy creature and being diurnal, it is active most of the times of day and night, but there is a special characteristic to it, it becomes a lot lot more aggressive at night, and rather than being defensive, it becomes aggressive beyond belief, actually hunting and attacking. I have seen these creatures in cages and in day time and they seem so timid as if they were incapable of hurting anything; but mind you a bite from these snakes and death is inevitable in an hour. It has the strongest neurotoxin venom of the Indian sub continent, and death mostly is inevitable with lung collapse.
I sit in the temple for longer and see a tribe of students or so come to the temple this late in the night. another first this time, i have never seen anyone venturing to this place at this time so late in the night. they all freshers from some company, most probably tcs who had come here un aware what this place holds, and what this place can possibly do.
I rest further and wait for the mob to recede. I go back in a darker and deeper mood. Let off and given a chance to live, this is the most beautiful demonstration of grace of maha chandi.


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