Monday, December 14, 2009

Serpents Tongue

Lashing out faster than fury, the wrath of ages bent into fangs- quite the death story, in this way, no way to suffer this way?! Bringing the thirst for toxic in you, nemesis of the underworld. darkness has always been your way.
Slithering past the corpses of good, flung into rapture at the sight of the deep hidden nocturnal eyes, everywhere looking to bloodbath the existent to decay. The serpent does not stop, does not ever sway.
Bringer of sorrow, Bleed the cross; Shutter at your sight every night. Nightmares of abyss; bent frame, broken up just the same. Bringing visions from the other side, of sweet glory of our demise. No more no more, let us stop this madness, the serpent coils rearing to strike down.
Ecstatic at each days end, bringing the flames to our cremation ever close; no relief never any respite, All the ends bringing me closer to your fangs, The fires burning deeper, when will it all end, the serpents tongue flickering takes over your mind.

Now you see as it sees; brings the darkness everywhere into your eyes. There was never an escape, the conditions lead you to this state. The serpent has called you hypnotically through its flickering tongue.

Do its bidding, master of puppets strings you day and night as you move into a stupor, neither seeing nor being yourself anymore. days trans mutates into twilight of sins. Ever evil and so potent. Calling the demons through the window, you seek redemption of no one. 

Darkness so potent, that you can be blessed only in its presence. The cold rain falls and brings the chill back into your mind. The last crucifix. You are the redemption of mankind. the ticking time bomb bringing annihilation in this cruel and senseless time. 

contributed by memories of a very beautiful movie- Fallen starring denzel washington. :)

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