Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time Travelers-III

The gods did know a secret, that secret being revealed to mankind as well. That when it comes to creation and time travel, there is not one but many many universes we can travel. As scientists are beginning to validate now, that time is not a linear progression, it is a dimension unto itself, like a sphere. But that being that, the alien master race- which might have implanted the seeds to life on this planet- wanted to experiment in another way- any and all action has a consequence, but we all know that the consequence or result is not fixed-with a definite end, all actions can lead to different end results... the gods see that, and the dichotomy experimentation they hold is this... that after planting the seeds of life in this planet and watching and experimenting with it while growing, whether they (being the planet-including us/human beings) can change the end result. This is the crux of the phenomena which we choose to call "free will"
Free will. has the tendency to create time and space. Will is the power/energy which makes it come alive. All of existence. It took the creator will to create. and similarly each and every energy "movement" is a direct result of the "energy" called will. If you tend to notice, there are various occult documents, which give a different function to will than other energy in this universe. No one knows what the will is other than the sound=Om/Aham/Ameen/I am; it creates. That too why/how/till when?- very subjective.
The will in this prakarti in this day and age is working towards desolation. Towards the end. And of course towards another beginning (hopefully).
The gods who grace us with their presence, once in a while from outer space- do want us to realize, that though we might have been made in their image, we are creatively endowed- even perhaps in some respect; more than them, to exercise this powerful human will of ours to accomplish as we please/choose.
The pertinent question now is, which way are we turning the collective will of our earth, towards harmony and peace. Towards joy and liberation through society or towards disharmony and corruption of nature, towards abysmal experiences and emotions?
My "gut" feeling tells me that the inclusion of will when we are looking at gods is very essential piece of the pie. As much as i am inclined to trust the fact that I might be bowing down to the alien who created me, I am also equally trusting to the fact that I do not have to bow down towards god; if I am chooses not to.


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