Monday, December 7, 2009

United Color of Hate

I invite you, to my lair. You pitiful fool, you think that you are in safe hands. How you wish so. Gonna crush you like a filthy mosquito. Blood drinker you have been to me, now you will quench my death thirst. I dont care how you have robbed me, but I will crush you below. Come come in the name of love, and as I annihilate your existence, you will have nothing but to thank me for it. 

Enough said, the time is ripe for hate to make its appearance to the fore once again, come and please sit on my lap... expecting a fruitful affair. I shall wreck havoc on you. Tear you limb from limb, eat you all up. Never has such hatred fueled me so well. Never have i been so directed at something with my heart and soul. I want to destroy you... I just need one reason, come come come in my way, block my vision and I will devour you whole. My hatred shall atleast set you free. 

Your stench and your valueless fuck all life, all who occupy space and air and food at the behest of a lie. Your time is over at my hands. I want you to remember this with all your might. I will not die, I will not rust. My hatred to finish your pathetic life shall keep me going all throughout. Your end will be my victory. 

Time has been the greatest leveler, and you can choose your reality here and now, but when the sword beheads and your decapitated body falls to the ground with the lifeless thump, all your realities shall come falling down just like your rotting head severed. 

In hate I prosper, In hate I revel. In hate I was born and in hate I shall make you salvate. Your fucking end is written to be with my hands. Lets start the work, many hurdles till my hate is completely rid of me, many beatings to be taken by you till I am subdued. 
Hoods open, Fangs are out, and the venom is within you. I want your pain. It gives the power which is not worth you. I want your demise and your life force. I want your end. Wiped out, annihilated and decimated without any chance of your coming back to life 

Core anger; Sheer rage, maketh me what you can never be. Your eyes shall bleed and your body will tremor when my judgment strikes. It strikes to remove this farce called love in your mind. No more love for those who cannot cannot ever understand what it is. 

Patience and faith no more for those can even in these thousand eons understand what living in unity is. I am the end supreme, mouth open I devour you over and over till You-You the filth are no more. I am your kalki, look within and you will see nothing to see. You are empty; hollow and lifeless. Your end justifies my means. I am your god. and in pain, in suffering you will know that I am your true reckoner. 

Mercy no more, empathy to those who are animals in human cloak. Aesthetics of hate defined on my brow as I pick the cleaver and decapitate. Insane pain everywhere in this battlefield of the diseased. Pestilence my lover, come and remove anguish from these ignorant faces no more, give them suffering, give them pain. Kill their children; burn their mothers at the cross. Fill them in the never ending grave stacked over and over. 

Tongue lolling, what do you think you are? The power wielder in this materialistic monolithic world, come enter my domain, i will whiff you to yama. Create cinder and ash of your fine body, of your unique mind. You are the all talking all singing crap of this world; never any better or of any worth. You dont even deserve my hate. 

Carcasses half eaten by dogs and vultures; your families weep broken down, blistering nuclear radiation over your mind, Your brain bubbles out through your ears. Your life worth nothing, the pain extracted out- surreal, mind altering hypnotic reverie. 

My hate is black. My life is black. My breadth is black. My spirit is black. Come come; only thing for you to see is the color of my eyes..... 

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